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Haag, Rita / If you look back, it's not that far: memories of Mary Stella Sutter Haag recorded at age 103

Part II: Courtship and wedding,   pp. 31-35 PDF (1.5 MB)

Page 31

Although Albert Haag wasn't the first young man Mary dated,
he was the one she married. Her first memories of him were from
school, especially German school, which the Catholic children
attended for three months each year, usually beginning in April,
when public school instruction was over. Since there were only
about 20 to 30 children in German school, the children knew each
other quite well.
The first time Mary remembers getting particular attention
from Albert was a day when he came over to her house and asked
her to go for a walk with him. They went on dates together after
that. Most "dates" meant an evening spent together at a simple
event held in people's homes. These small dances and parties,
along with summer baseball games and picnics made up most of the
young people's entertainment and offered the best opportunities
for courting. Although Mary remembers: "We went to the movies a
couple of times; at that time people didn't go a lot. We had no
place to go."
The big attraction in Mt. Horeb was The Parkway, an opera
house. When Mary was asked if she and Albert ever went there she
said no, there was nothing in there that she liked or knew about,
but "they had movies across the street--they just had one movie
house in Mt. Horeb."
Rarely, a young man could arrange transportation for a
special outing. Mary remembers that one place Albert took her
was to the Gomer Brothers circus, the same circus she attended
with her family when she was 12.
Eventually they got more serious and when Christmas came,
Mary wanted to buy something for Albert: "Ya I remember the first
year we were together." She pauses and laughs a bit. "I didn't
know what to buy him. We were just going together for a short
while. So I bought him a nice handkerchief. When Rose saw that
she said, 'Can't you buy him anything bigger than that? Kinda

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