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[Land use planning reports; Wisconsin counties]

[Kenosha county land use planning],   pp. [unnumbered]-22 PDF (8.5 MB)

      When the Land Use Planning Project was first suggested for
Kenosha County, we wondered whether it had any place in a long
settled; highly developed area such as this. However, we de-
cided to give the project a trial and the results have been
     The Project was approached with an attitude of weighing
everything that mnight have a bearing on the ultimate use of
land in this county. Considered from this approach, little that
has to do with the land or the people of the County can be over-
looked. A little reflection on the part of anyone familiar with
rural life will call to mind present situations in land use that
are the result of a chain of cirsumstances comparable to a Rube
Goldberg cartoon.
     This is a preliminary report. Far more time than has been
given to this project is necessary before it can be considered
anywhere near complete or final. Some of the conclusions reach-
ed in this Deport may be revised as we consider other things
that ha- ! t.-o do with land use; and as we are faced with the pro-
blem of iordinating and of correlating the now findings with
the old.
     r his report has been prepared by a County-wide committee
and b- township farmer committees in every township of the
County. It represents the first step of this kind in Kenosha
County in getting farmer opinion on specific agricultural matters.
     It proved a fascinating task and one that will undoubtedly
be fruitful in the future even as the work done to date has been
productive of results.
                                     Milton Meredith - Chairman
                                     Kenosha County Land Use
                                     Planning Committee

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