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Upham, Mary Cornelia Kelley, 1843-1912 / The lumber camp report of the Wisconsin W.C.T.U.: for winter 1891-92

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                            OF THE
         WISCONSIN W. C. T. U.
                  FOR WINTER OF 1891-1892.
    This work has grown steadily from year to year in our State, in
interest, efforts and results, for the past five years, and, were it not
the magnitude of the work yet before us undone, we might in view of
our success, be wrecked on " the rock of spiritual pride," but
while we
are proud of our opportunities, and thankful for the privileges before
us, as we count up two hundred camps we have supplied, we view twice
as many that we have been unable to reach, although at present we
think we have done all that we could have done. In Springfield, Mass.,
twenty-five ladies each took a camp last winter, and in other places in
Massachusetts, other individuals did the same, until beside the work
done by our Wisconsin women, Massachusetts and New York women
supplied with loyal care over one hundred camps, making over three
hundred camps in our own State that have been receiving every week a
great bundle of papers marked "Compliments of the W. C. T. U."
-Our missionary has been supported according to our financial plan, and
as the lumber dealers have proved their appreciation of our work, by
sending me half of his salary, we have only called upon the State
treasury for half of what you apportioned to him. I think I may
safely say this winter has been the very best winter in our work. Our
missionary, J. B. Very, has visited more camps than last winter, with
good treatment in nearly all cases, and a cordial invitation to come that

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