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Simmons second century

And what of future?

Winnipeg, Calgary and Vancouver.
Its basic bedding business has
prospered in the post-war economy.
Simmons Limited has pursued its own
acquisition program. Its very
successful contract division and its
new Thonet and Selig affiliates are
healthy, thriving businesses.
is responsible for Simmons
subsidiaries in many countries. The
technology and marketing
knowledge available to us in the
U.S.A. is carried abroad and
translated into each country's
equipment capacity and market
Compania Simmons, S.A. de C.V.,
Mexico, operates plants in Mexico
City, Guadalajara and Monterrey.
Its business has grown ten-fold in the
past twelve years.
Simmons Venezuela, C.A. is the
country's leading maker of bedding
and a major supplier of seats for
cars and trucks.
Our healthy but small subsidiary
in Argentina has grown slowly
because of our unwillingness to
increase our investment in a volatile
economy. We look forward to the
day when it will seem prudent to
develop this important market more
In England, Simmons operates as
Sleepeezee Limited. Its business has
continued to improve, despite the
adverse economic climate of recent
In France, Cie. Continentale
Simmons is a leading manufacturer
of bedding. It also controls
Compagnia Italiana Simmonss.p.a.
in Italy; Societe Algerienne Simmons
in Algeria; Societe Anonyme
Marocaine Simmons in Morocco;
Compagnie Africaine Simmons in
Senegal; and Societe Iviorienne
Simmons on the Ivory Coast. We
are enthusiastic about the
long-term prospects in France
and the Common Market
in general.
Simmons Bedding Co. Pty. Ltd. in
Australia is the country's leading
bedding manufacturer, with plants in
Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.
We expect continuing, sound growth
in this excellent market.
Simmons Japan Limited is our
smallest overseas manufacturing
operation but it is growing fast. With
the westernization of Japanese tastes
proceeding apace, it may someday
be one of our most important
foreign markets.
and what oF
the Future?
We are often asked, "Where is
Simmons Company going?". The
answer is simple: we expect to be
where the action is in the home
furnishings and contract furnishings
fields. Furthermore, we expect to
grow wherever we find parallel and
allied marketing and/or
manufacturing technology.
We are going to cultivate the
home furnishings market from every
vantage point. Internally, we aim
toward the growth of our mattress
and upholstered furniture business.
And we'll continue to acquire
profitable, established companies
whose prestige enhances our own-
especially in the areas of fashion and
style. We look for acquisitions that
give us new products and marketing
channels in the home furnishings
In the decades ahead, we expect
the American consumer to demand
more and more individuality in home
decoration. We think the market
will favor companies with the broad
resources that permit not only a
coordination of style and fashion,
but also new improvisations in
designs, materals, textures, colors,
functions and furniture periods. It will
be the day of the individualistic
"total look" in home furnishings. And
past successes convince us that
Mrs. Consumer will trade herself up
whenever she gets the chance. We
plan to give her every chance.
In our acquisition program, we
are primarily concerned not with
size, but with profitability, character,
and personality. We want the best
for Simmons. By being the best, we
are confident we will enjoy our very
fair share of a burgeoning home
furnishings market.
This, then, is Simmons Company-
where it has been, where it is, and
where it is going. In this growing
world and dynamic economy, we
see a tremendous future for our
In 1900, the first Mr. Simmons
wrote, "Optimism is the only outlook
possible to a man who has spent
sixty years in American business."
We feel the same today. As we
celebrate Simmons Second Century,
we proclaim our own great optimism.
Home furnishings is a field with
sparkling promise and dynamic
growth. We know Simmons'
achievements will remain-sometimes
magnificent, often great, always
very fair!

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