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Simmons second century

A story of money

and local bureaucracy looks over
our shoulder at every move we
make, the complexity of everyday
decisions will continue to increase.
Even now, Uncle Sam has
viewpoints ranging from "moral
suasion" to fully muscled laws that
bear on every management
decision. Powerful social forces will
demand ever greater corporate
concern for the consumer and for
the effect of our plants on the
The education explosion, the information
explosion, the cultural explosion. We have to
move with these currents of change.
surrounding environments. Under
these conditions, management will
have to grow increasingly more
It will also have to spend more
time at teaching. The cost of today's
sink-or-swim promotion methods is
escalating. We look forward to a
whole range of new training efforts
-to provide far more thorough and
scientific preparation for new job
assignments at every level.
We anticipate a chronic,
long-term shortage of workers in our
factories and offices. Thus, it is
imperative that we sharpen the
techniques of market forecasting,
and production, and inventory
control for our "Levelized
Production Programs."
In the next ten years a new
executive will move into three out of
four of our top one hundred
executive positions. Simmons
promotes from within. The
opportunities at the top are
magnificent. Our abundance of
executive talent is great. In the
years ahead, concern for Simmons
people everywhere will remain
"always very fair."
a story of
Ever since our cheesebox-factory
days, Simmons has been a soundly
financed company. We have
consistently found the money we
needed to grow and we have paid
our stockholders a very fair return
on their investments.
Our policy has always been to
New York in 1919.
Our new home.
keep our plants in first class
condition and to build or buy
whatever equipment we needed to
remain the leaders of our industry.
Furthermore, we have a record of
one or more corporate acquisitions
a year for the past fourteen years!
Between 1949 and 1969, our
acquisitions and capital investments
amounted to $91,300,000, and
after this considerable investment,
our total long-term indebtedness is
only a very little greater than it was
in 1949. How The Chief would have
appreciated this record!
The second Mr. Simmons was,
beyond all else, a money man. He
was a risk-taker reputed to have
played golf for an automobile a
hole. He loved cars, machines,
inventors and inventions, new ideas,
advertising-and money. When he
became President in 1911, Simmons
was a well-known company with a
single local base, Kenosha,
He won his nickname "The Chief"
by making Simmons a national
company. From him stemmed the
thrust that started the company
toward its present preeminence. A

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