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Ferslew, W. C. L. E. (ed.) / Rock County gazetteer, directory and business advertiser, for 1857-8: containing a full directory of the cities of Janesville and Beloit, and a list of the property holders in the rural districts

F,   pp. 74-76

Page 74

Dutcher S., bd A.  c    ter 
Dutton W. 06, bde Ri. =IL HWrIWI 
Dwyer Timothy, laborer, h Firt or school house 
Dyer Mrs, widow, h Ono bt Bridge add B 
Er I    , epenter, (Beloit ges company,) bde State na 
Beadne depot 
eammB. cm. -eto , h D oar T ht 
Eatman L   ., iremen, bo Beloit Ioue 
Eaten H. H., (of Meriam & School nr Pleasat 
Eaton Win. T., (of Thurto & EAton,) h tate bt Broad and 
Edemo Albeit, blacksmith, We Raw nr Pleeant 
1g41 Michael, mwbfr d., h Third our Merrill 
Egan Michael, molder, h Third ur Merrill 
Q , (f K. & Co.,) h Church nr College 
GESTAN          & CO., esu, blind ad door ibotory, State 
g     tmDn    ,      ter, We Broad ur State 
Egleegg D. B., (of R. & Co.,) bde toot Broad 
F        ..dor College 
il,'rdgedX (5U110 C., machinist We E bt Second ad Third 
Elli Xliua &, c-arenter, h Wbsat bt; Bluff and Eighth, 
Elmer Oso., e"goeer h College bt Bluir and Eighth 
Elmer Oo, im -1er, bd Brlddge nr Bluff 
Emenoe 1I-, Prahmor of Greek, Beloit college, bb oorner 
Third iid_ . 
Eel:m                aenter, (A utoi & Co.,) h Fourth w 
Engeo=   elarpenter, h Oak Or E 
_q"h_.Joab    ls', h Third bt Merrill and Lberty 
zRank l  , laborh Br~gsw end 
Michel,                      Aebor, Wec 
Erieo  Bakwagsmaker, We ir cnHm 
Erikacsl L W, wagonuiske, (Thrm Prsmai-, We American 
EvNe ,. W., phydcian, h our School and Proepect 
Fairbanks (b. N., butchr, (city market,) be Fourth na 
Fairbanks P. T., city mxska  Bridge ar the Am, h B r 

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