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Ferslew, W. C. L. E. (ed.) / Rock County gazetteer, directory and business advertiser, for 1857-8: containing a full directory of the cities of Janesville and Beloit, and a list of the property holders in the rural districts

B,   pp. 60-67

Page 60

N     D]UV[OIY. 
Alliam W. HM, boot and @boo dealer, State bt School and 
Brud, b lower md Broad. 
Amer K W., bamesa maker, (Stocking & Co.) h Brlp a 
A *RICAN EXPRESS COMPANY, office at Wright & 
American Elo, L. F. Wood, propietor, Broid ocr Phimat 
Amm Albert, laoer, (P. Johns) 
Andero Almmder, suk at ml Patn% bd School at 
Anderms Alon, clerk at Smuel Pasttm bdo School or Pla. 
Anderaon Andrew, ,,homau, (W. H. Al.m) bda State ur 
Anders John, tr, bds bt Second end Third 
Andeaao Laur  , , h M#i bt Second and Third 
Anders Kmt, shoemakar, (W. L Alihn) h School near 
Anderson Thomism, =won, It Third~~ot~eh~ 
Audrae. ird~afk, acn hi 
Auee Robet, milh,(Bdetk It mill) Me Mmmis Hoe 
Amakng KL A. grain ds',h r ka.u m' School 
AZZM S ml A., mamb, Q   bt Semd and Third 
AnvMk Wiam D., macMoK, h l bt Second and Third 
Amboraft Allred, dyer, h ear SWAe and v 
Mmblv 3. 3. arne h Lou bt It ad Oak 
moW., bou.Ihmdae,  iac 
As*W ~    L -- A.,- L- - .. ulhm :  al 
Axe Wi. LuMflwwJ*ht (Fmn & HMl) It Broad wt Macheal. 
AOM     CLUTON, merchant, State nemBrd, bde 
Dabcoek C   a P,me.,h Thrd bt Divdm ad D 
am  ro Bad~rm &kt Onbs~wk    orn. 
_Ba1d. Dubon i      m, li. Cck at keSndnd 
IDail   w       sow ted ationd 
D Tle  1, oaekr Seeba  b econd , 
f= E.   b&R du , bds a    end 
BRedwi A.,  UNte State bt Dread ma Sehool h e 
stab and school 
B~lad Alph  OWI~3       .W~orharb 

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