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Ferslew, W. C. L. E. (ed.) / Rock County gazetteer, directory and business advertiser, for 1857-8: containing a full directory of the cities of Janesville and Beloit, and a list of the property holders in the rural districts

Rock County,   pp. [18]-21

Page [18]

Rock County is bounded on the north by Dane and Jeffeon 
Counties, on the east by Walworth County, on the south by 
the State of Illinois, and on the west by Green County. It 
wa set off from Milwaukee, Dec. 7, 1836, and flly organized 
]e. 19, 1839. The county seat is at Janesville, situated on 
Rock river, 14 miles north of Illinois State Line. 
Rock County is the fnest and one of the most wealthy 
Counties in the north-wt, and plenteously upplied with tim- 
ber, most of which is on the bmnksu Rock River. 
It is watered by Rock River, which enters the north-eat 
part of the County, and runs in a southerly direction, through 
the Citie of Janesville and Beloit. into Illino. The Catfmh 
and Badih rism in Dane Comity, and empties into Rock River. 
Allen's Creek rises in Union. run- south-weag and empties into 
Sugar river. Bass Creek rim  in Magnolia, and runs south- 
eat into Rock river. 
The Prairie. ase, mane of them, quite large, but beautdilly 
undulating, and productive in the hig mst degree, and ae 
mostly under cultivation. The different varieties of soil, upland, 
bottom la   ., 'nsrk and op ir  affbrd hailities for cultivat- 
ing all the    ent products   the elimato to the greatest 
The rolling prarie. and openings are particularly excellent 
for wheat. 
The County belongs to the Fing Judicial Circuit. 
17th Senatorial District, 'cmifs of the towns of Rek, 
Yukon, Porter, Center, Plymouth, Nwark, Avon, Spring 
Valley, Magnolia and Union. 18th Senatorial District consis 
of the towns of Beloit, Turtle, Clinton, Bradford, La Praite, 
Harmony, Johmtown, lima and Milton. 
1st Asembly District consists of the Towns of Beloit, Turtle 
and Clinton; 2nd Amenably Districo of the Towns of Milton 
Harmony, Lima, Johnstown, Bradford and La Prairie; 3r 
Ammsembly District, of the Towns of Janasville, Rock, Center 
and Fulton; 4th Assembly District, of the Towns of Porter, 
Union, Magolia, spring Valley, Plymouth, Newark m Avwn, 

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