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Owen's Janesville city, Rock County gazetteer, and directory: containing a complete city directory of Janesville; an alphabetical directory of the farmers and land owners of Rock County; also, a classified business directory, to which is added historical and descriptive sketches of Janesville, Beloit, Evansville, Edgerton, Milton, Milton Junction, Clinton Junction, Footville, Hanover, Emerald Grove, and other towns in the county

B,   pp. 47-56

Page 47

-f  ~in-i..*i 
*Andeuson, LT  r .. aisnetmk.  10MSaA 
Asdeicom Mrlin, rue oor Blf and Tomae.. 
Anders Thomass earpenst, r a River, P N of Rivas  oit v 
-Andrews 7homaau, miller, r 8 umerry. 
Andrew@ William, stone outter, r Mineral Poist Ave,  a  lt 
Ag nall, A. P., moulder, r 8 Plessont. 
- Angell Oharlosp teamser, r 74 N River. 
Anjell Russell. moulder, r 8 Bluff' or 8 ed. 
Anod"le J. F., r 87 Loousk. 
Aphblbsk Wia T.0 drossaket, lb Williams House. 
* Aplo Ao  ,student, Ido 18 C Mra. 
At" Jlrohn, ohairv~er, I Mio=. 
Aninlon W. &., finisher, slhoo &day . 
A*    ra Nlson, honi Wow~, ldo 8ohuyle Room, 
As hash WliA, (Ashn^ Wigte, & Il s Maa A 
" in 4Mllh rsHllbn2 W AJood) r8s. Jk 
Al twne Alne~, (Loo & A v), MrI10,ofMdain. 
Astlr gemstp, wm oudr  l, r s. Bu ner Goalsa  o 
:+Ave  roo, (Aver m  o,, r  Gle 2 , of Wilklas. 
Atodaso Rm Kr, dresser Doos  il  9  sd 
Btmoef Chris oph~e, bdkoaih or Wester av w f 
A* un llsm ston nloter, r  121  Mai"nld . 
Apd, A. nP., or,  & Atwood), r. P8 lmt 
Atgd Ch, tams  & Atoo) r 
Author Ausi, moulder, o wo  Bluff nw 88 . 
0As lsnd J & or8 ose, r ut.   set Sll ifi 
- ashk Ms XT.,' dr6kr Dodge ilhm.Hue 
D u   A. 0., stood, Wis 18 chrnrB.-. 
Anews hntia, oe 1niadhoss n8 N  11M. r "e 
Nod Arurou belso, rous ae Nids r 
ASdmt M. Ny, ( rssand one! ak,) sOD 2 i N 
vet dals.In fur.Inr~,22 WMilvubbe 
Akmios Casr, rlkekth, rv t Mi 0qo ,e aShm, . 
Atinso Wilm tnetter, rS 12W Main, " 
S* lkeoelvn Ikje(ogioloom & Aitwo, r 38 oS la. 
h AwsiIelmey, oLn m  sel~iedemee.AAwo)  ~ ~nlm 
Anther Autn, mouldr,  liw a Bi nea Clur. 
Averio Rob.,(Aer drKib,  ourt il, re89 Sndir.  °, 
-Aery A Klbler. (3.. . anmd 0.W. K.,) Ins Agmnta, Oils over Posi. 
* Dlnadt 1M Im, r Unio House~,8 N4 ln rh same.m 
*dBlet Alber, irer, r BErn. Av ner Mlluore's quinrT. 

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