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Janesville city directory, 1880. Comprising a complete list of business firms and private citizens; a classified list of all trades, professions and pursuits; city and county officers, schools, churches, banks, incorporated institutions, secret and benevolent societies etc., etc.

J,   pp. 92-95

Page 92

S9 E COMMBRCIAL COLLBGB cannot be ezeeled 
I1, in a course of Business Training, Bant or West. 
IDE              92             JAN 
I DE Millard F. (Rubin & Ide), res. 58 N. Main. 
InleeAgnAes (wid. William) hair dresser, 37 W. Milwau- 
kee, res. same. 
Ingersoll Allen J., tray. sgt., res. 35 N. High. 
Ingersoll D. H., tel. opr., bds. a. w. cor. Centre av. and Holmes. 
Inman Edward, farmer, res. n. s. Harmony, 2 e. Milton av. 
Irish George, painter Rogers & Hutchinson, bds. farmer's Hotel. 
Irish George, pedlar, bds. Water, opp. S 3d. 
Irwin Abigail A., weaver, res. w. s. N. Bfu, nr. city li mits. 
Irwin Agnes, weaver, res. w. a. N. Bluff, nr. city limits. 
Irwin Ann (wid. James), res. 57 Glen. 
Irwin George, carpenter, res. w. s. N. Bluff, nr. city limits. 
Irwin Mary A., weaver, res. w. s. N. Bluff, nr. city limits. 
Iverson Paul, blacksmith C. &. N. W. shops, res 53 Academy. 
I ACKMAN Claremont S., sast. cashier Rock Co. National 
Bank, res. a. w. cor. S. ist and Jackman. 
Jackman Clarence W., prop. Myers House Livery Stable, 
res. n. e. cor. Court and Sinclair. 
Jackmau John M., miller Ford's mills, res. cor Jackson and 
Jackson Alfred A., laywer, Post Office building, res. 5 N. 
Jackson Andrew, drayman, res. e. a. n. River, 3d a. of Olive. 
ackson Burr, shoemlr, res. w. a. N. River, i n. of Ry. track. 
ackuon Charles W., miller Notbohm  Bros., res. n. e. cor. S. 
Milwaukee and Washington, Rockport 
ackson Daniel B., tea. 49 High. 
ackson Frank D., res. 5t N. Jackson. 
ackson James, moulder Harris Mnfg. Co., rea. 27 Jackson. 
J&cobs Carrie M., bd. 52 Center. 
Jacobs John, tel. opt., bds. 33 N. High. 
acobs Sereno B., cigar boxmkr F. G. Stevens & Co. 
acobson Severin C., tailor M. C. Smith & Son, tea W. . Caro- 
line, 2 . Glen. 
James Sheffield L., carriages and wagons, I S. Main, rel. 26 S. 
James William, lab. B. Spence, bds. Spence House. 
Janemvllle Cotton Manufacturing Co., W. A. 
Lawrence, pres. ; J. J. R. Pease, vice-pres, ; F. S. Eldred, 
treas; A.J. Ray, secy. and agent; C. Bailey, supt., mnfrs 
cotton bheeting, Franklin, bet. Wall and Bluff. 

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