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A. Bailey's Beloit directory, city record [and] business advertiser, for 1862

E,   pp. 18-19

Page 18

BsLOI't btaeife. 
Dermody MrsBridgete s Fifth b E and D 
Diqkey Mrs. R., a Sohool b Short and Main 
Diekinson Mrs. Lucilea, a e c Church ani Fourth 
Dickinson Henry, bd s ec Church and Fourth 
Dixon Mrs. -, e a Main b School and First 
Doherty Miss Elizabeth, tailoress, bds w s Third b Merrill and 
Dolan Miss. Rosa, e a Hydraulic b School and Broad 
Dole Eleza, bd n a School b Pleasant and Prospect 
Dole Richard, n s Public Av b Pleasant and Prospect 
Dole Wm. h as School b Prospect %nd Short 
Dolliver Celestla, seryt, Belolt City Hotel 
Donlay Si Bridget, w e Third b liberty and Merrill 
Doolittle Jno, bds Bushnell House 
Dormin Almus, supt Belolt and Madison brach G h C U RB 
I w s Pleasant nr College Grounds 
Doran Daniel, lab, h n s 57 Bridge ur River 
Douglass Alexander, arohiteot,h w a Main b Third and Fourth 
Douglass Hugh, coop, bda s a Wheat b Bridge and Farm 
Downburg Mary, servt, e s Third b Division and D 
Downer .    , Ih a s Race b Pleasant and Prospet 
Downer Henry; painter.h s a First b College and Church 
Downs Julia, servt, s s Bridge b Bluff' and Eighth 
Downs Margaret, seirt, ne a I and Fifth 
Doyle M.. Hannah, n a Bridge b Third and Fourth 
Doyle Jno., lab, h a a S Race b State and Pleasant 
Dresser Augustus S., carp, h n s Third b Z and D 
Dresser & Drury, (Frederick D. & Dexter D.,) livery, n a Race 
b Mill and State 
Dresser Frederick, (D. & Drury,) w c Prospect and School 
Dresser George T., carpI h n s Merrill e Sevebth 
Drury Dexter (Dresser & D., w s Hydraulio b Third and Fourth 
Dubois Joseph C., carp, h s a State line w River 
Duffee Catherhie, servt, s s School, b Pleasant and Prospect 
Duan Jno., lab, h e a Church b Second and Third 
Duight Timothy, h n e o Broad and Main 
Duncan Anson M., carp, h n w a Church and Third 
Dunham Annetta, n a Farm b Bluff and Eighth" 
Dunham Susan, n a Farm b Bluff and Eighth 
Durham Henry, n e c College and First 
Durham Benjamin, n e a College and First 
Dustin Win. C., reaper manuf, e s Third b E and D, h  s Race 
b Prospect and School 
Dutcher Norman, e s Fourth b E and D 
Dyke Charles M., s e c School and Hydraulic 
Early Patrick, s s Bridge nr w City line 
Easterly Mrs. A. D., e a Fourth b Liberty and Middle 
ASTERLY EUGENE W., attompy, e a Fourth b Liberty 
E    and Middle 

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