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A. Bailey's Beloit directory, city record [and] business advertiser, for 1862

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FOR 1862. 
ab-above,            corn mer--oommls'n mer- n w a-north west corner. 
chnt.              opp-opposite. 
dent-dentist.         pM-patent. 
atty-attorney,       dray-.drayman.        phys--physlcan. 
aV--Avenue,          drug-druggiLst        pres--peodent. 
b-between.           0--est of.           pro-proprietor. 
barb-barber.         ong--engineer.        pr du.e 
bar k-bar keeper.    e s--ust side.         d-a 
bd.--boards.         fordug-forwardiug.    re-reIdes. 
bel-below.           groc-groc.,           a--mouth of. 
bk-book.             h-house               seo--secretary. 
b k-book keeper.     In--Usurance.        m e c-4outh e corner. 
blksmth-.blaoksmlth.  lab--aborer.         s -saouth side. 
confee--oonfeotioner.  lth-lthographer.  suptf-mperintendent. 
coop-Cooper.         mah--muhint.         a w o--mouth west Corner. 
c or cor-oorner.     manuf-manutoturer.    tob--obco. * 
cab mkr--cabinet maker. mod--mdlcines.     trea--treasurer. 
--  ter.      mer-m rchant.       w-west o  . 
::=a- hler           mkrr-nsker.          w g-wso. 
cig.--aear,          n-north of.          whgvhol.. 
elk--lerk.          n e o-north east corner. w s*-west side. 
com--oommision or com- nr-near. 
misdoner.           n s-north side. 
Abeel Gilbert, e e Crosm b E and Bridge 
Abell Egbert, (E. A. &.Co.,] e s College b First and Sewond 
A BELL E. & CO., [Egbert A. & Jackson J. Bushnell,] un- 
.Mdertakers, and manufacturers and dealers in cabinet furni- 
ure, feathers, &o.. * s State b School and Public Av 
Abell Jno., bds a  College b First and Second 
Adams A. M. wagon mkr, w s Second b Bridge and dam, h n s 
Locupt b Bluff and Oak 
Adams David A., n s Racm b Pleasant and Prospect 
Adams Harry A., bds n s Race b Short and Prospect 

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