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James, Ada Lois, 1876-1952 / Ada James papers, correspondence, 1912, Dec. 24-31, [1912]
Wis Mss OP, Box 17, Folder 4 ([unpublished])

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oyi                  omar  more end more oboserved in the
ohur~hes throufhout ihe Unite~d Stao mn. this yet' it wiill be
celebrated on .t 12.   A a-ge  o potionof the poplne of Miehigan
are looking to th    oier~zymn of ÷ .......  t~e to e.} s~m  words
encouraginement ona h~s cu in obh        fr't"       e~   h
:on ~ ~   ~    ~   ~   ~   1 bb~ftewoe  h  e
workin~ 0ot C h      stl o  d vi 'thei" i:fin1e to further the
cause of juftice a0i                                                 ino
L~J  el~   xi~       ent    siLssip i nwrmn WY1o
is trwveli : in Oreg~oi, m .... .     womenri  of this a'e
working to c½'V tv wieome<: for <.::     suf'ehich vwil! be
submited  > thevoe'3 of the     I~ co~ni'eith next fal.  In their
efforts they ha:.J not oI Jthe symi a hy oif veci who Lre advanced in
thout          os o  i a7e o    . "zirg soc et     at o  themselves
and sending :pfa ..    c ot oe  te Stato       tp
aking sentimeit f.r ve ef~raniso~ement of' the w omen of Oregon.
Victory seems certin for the       use here."
ss El zabet} J. Ha~ser, Chio c lpaiga msanager, says:
"Itinty                                     to larn      extent of
sentiment favorbe !       ... *       iv.  l7'w and o,er in ell
walks of lifo .... m cot ol ly rnn  inr  their' cr7i "c~tic  in the
ustice of eeual scff e~       % a e givrg their acti     e support to
the adoptin of    he crm<t
uin              .      azg scieties all
over the 5¾    .     esid  . Vsý  tise of the U0iLersit' of
sin a', Chief Juslce Winsiow of the Supreme Court have recently
come cu in favor of roma     uffr   .
Iansas City w L open tire summer ca-mpaign for woman
suffrag;e cn If y 5 wLit a pub'ic demn stra~tion in honor of Jane
Addams, who wi1l be ih th e iton that day.       A gailly decorated.
automobil~e p rade, lel by bra~ss bVnis, will pass through the
streets to Ihe f'actory dicstrit s a d the Ilayor anod Miss Addams
will occupy the first motor, which will be followed by a car
laden with flowers.
Ae the result of a petition signed by 478 students at
Vassar College and sent to Presdent o~a~-r, a mess meeting for
opedf                 u     suffrage w   held in th, large assembly
hall last week.   The rm/ting was oene-d L; a student from Wis-
consin, where a suffrage campaig is being waged.
me I~e    lire     IT. Pi  rpt Mo'1-ený, is
quote- in toe Lew    o      rrer  World as saying:   "I am not an
anti-suffragist,   i'm not anything so foolish, so illogical.
Suffrage for wom-e is swe to come and we nust prepare ourselves
for it."
Donna Giacinta M   t i i, presldentof the Italian Woman
Suffrage Assoe~tiona       the equ 1 suffrage pionee-r of Italy,
died at her palace in Roue lat month.      The leading Ro0an paper
says of her: "Donn Geieinta Mamtinr was a woman of spirit and
great educ~ation. avig spring froo mo~st noble lineage, she
showed ail he   lie . great interest in moern social problems,
especially P   re1ation to the betterment of conditions for the
working classes anid ..r wxomen. "
Madamne Pr u~n~a Came ?~ustom" , the wife of the noted
Parsee, iustom Rustonje, w      s visiting the United States in
an offiial capcit.y es a rep'esntatie of the Indian govern-
ment, aceomp~aties her husband for tve pupv        "teln       mn
can   bt. .... nov'e et of the empire.                   . Rustomjee
is a stanch sup sorter of wioiar uef-rao, and believes that
'Americans hav e been a rery importa nt factor in bringing the new
with a membership of five hundred.
Although the Germao mperor is inllinei to limit wo-
man's sphere to "kinder, ktiche, kirche", his favorite child, the
Princess Iouise, hns in the past year i1-ntificd herself with
the progressive woman movement in Ge many. The .     mpress has re-
cently given the endorsement of her presence to the German Fem-
inist Exhibit held at Beriin, the greatest exhibition ever de-
voted exclusively to the work of women, where the most absorbing
topic on the program was said to be woman suffrage.
Opponents of womvn saffrage so often make the asser-
tion that the policy of its advocates is one of indifference,
that it was with some surprise th y received the announcement
that President Tat'sehorme fr Cnief of 17      e newly created
Children's Bur'eau was a w al suffrage leader, Tulia C. Lathrop,
long identified with the cause and an active member of the
Miss Virginia Brooks, called the girl reformer of West
Ramond, oi d., was recently elected president of the Board of
Bducation of her city.

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