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James, Ada Lois, 1876-1952 / Ada James papers, correspondence, 1912, Dec. 24-31, [1912]
Wis Mss OP, Box 17, Folder 4 ([unpublished])

[An answer to the editorial Woman suffrage in Wisconsin: 1912] PDF (304.6 KB)

To the Eýditor:
"hy 8hould 'isconein of all -tatee vote almnost two to one
against equal suffrage" Your editorial on ,oman ufbage from
which this statement in qooted c0ls for an explanation.
4hle   i isconsin has bnee free  fro o political domination
of the railroads and the insurance conapnies, the Brewing inter-
ests control ,he State -overnment to as great an extent as other
special interests ever did.
In the manufacture of fermented liquors, wisconsin rxnks
third iný the United 4tates.  The alt Liquor industry of iscon-
sin  are -apitalized at &5,894,000. This repr eentss the oppos-
ition to the enfranChise-att of women in our state,
T~he suffragists carried on an active ccunpaign for seveniteen
x months, ý!n      although they were  a ae t feeI Eýe powerful
hand oi these interests, it was iupursible to smk     them out.
They knew ani we knew the nature *1 the opposition could be ex-
posed to the best element of~ thf state, they f:oul! vdly to our
suppr t.
The following io a    nýposiunt c  tt' sufl   fight a car-
ried on beAween the liquor interests of the st0te and tie wo1en.
In the legislature, when the bill se   eI out t pass, the
Crosse rewers sent letters to the   embers urr ~i  tr  t % vote
ag~ainst the bill, I or wou'e if enfr ncose ... nih  vle
home. ( imee w e have th- the liq:r deo!:s the  Tt iter~ests
oV t~e hoCe at Lertn1
The bill pasv;d !   he; it w     v   that  y ne   o   ri
in th st ate mierenr~ sentec the euffra-  overhea~t w illfully. In
sotme in t trneeO t ~s w at £i~rt inc o~ w~ > i 'ib i. -'
tue owners, editors an< stockholders wer known t) } is
thy. in nr 1>y to iii irI ist tnt inqi~iries, the ,'o en e re tol(
th t it was the polio, of the paper to e: ooe Vhir i e i ~.vhise-
mont. But who contuols ti-b  policies of tie papers if rot   !e
owners?  The answer iS 0 be iound irn t.   ;¢  t dvert]se -nts
Of th~e Schlitz Trewink omnpay, Pabs't flue ibbon etc.
nonymous literature wa cirw.ulated in viol-atioo of 
corrupt pracotises ot town oral the e~.  o i  c~c~pin, literature wx7 'r.~ded by Jad~' Liodsey i.  i1l'aukee ae  y r  of in-
IJrious liagN,  j :uci ex ense t s lite tr.fu  ;as t~acud to its
source by the wo~ten, und it wz ur    th t it %d b      i  for
by r, ;ni, Austin, I) I faoos tr<ery )lobbyis~t, w.  cu-cola-
te~ by n of ioer o.<      e c   i-orin Alijance.   Just previous
to election, the saloons were placarded and wonat: suffrage was
four Kit over 12 e counters.,

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