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James, Ada Lois, 1876-1952 / Ada James papers, correspondence, 1912, Nov. 8-Dec. 23
Wis Mss OP, Box 17, Folder 3 ([unpublished])

[Letter from L. E. Stearns to Miss Ada L. James: Madison, Wisconsin, December 10, 1912] PDF (967.9 KB)

M'ladison, Vii sconsin,
December 10, 1912.
Miss Ada L. James,
Richland Center,
M1y dear Miss James:-
I 4    tri       @       the duplicate
paper sent here by mistake.   I am in receipt this morning
of your proposed program.    As I understand it, we w~nt to
enlist the interest of more people in the work and we there-
fore need something along inspirational lines more than we
do along the line of what has been done, such as the reports
of county chairmen would give us.
I do not quite understand "Organization of men's
Leagues", "Organization of College Leagues".    Do you intend
to organize them right then and there, or do you intend to
talk on the subject of such organization?
As to the "enemy" which I note you have down for a
thirty minute talk upon,- I should think it wuld be wiser
to ignore it altogether except as it may appear in Mrs.
Youmanie talk.    You know when David Rose ran for Governor,
he took pains to malign LaFollette all over the state.
La~ollette never mentioned his enemy in any way, and it really
made more friends for him than if he had replied to him.
I think what we need in this meeting is to inspire
each individual tw    to renewed effort, ignoring on the
first day all county organizations and other lines of division,
but simply hammering away on the main issue as it would be
presented by Jenken Lloyd Jones, and Mrs. Johnson of Topeka, if
I can get -hr, and others named.  Ily copy of my program is in
M4ilwaukee, unfortunately, so I cannot refer to it here, but
what I am trying to get at is the inspirational side, and let-
ting the organization part come when people are aroused to the
necessity for union, rather than emphasize the old county and
other divisions which separate us.
I like your idea at the Thursday morning neeting rela-
tive to financing the campaign, and I think that that should
be covered in the committee which I have called "Ways & tleans"
as opposed to the one that I have designated "Policy",-- the
latter rather taking up the whole issue and the Ways & Meons
Committee considering purely the financial side.
I don't think that we need dwell much on the reports
of the county chairmen, or on whet has been done, except as
perhaps outlined in the bright paper which I am sure MIrs.Yo-inans

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