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James, Ada Lois, 1876-1952 / Ada James papers, correspondence, 1912, Nov. 8-Dec. 23
Wis Mss OP, Box 17, Folder 3 ([unpublished])

[Letter from Flora to Ada: Nov., 1912] PDF (188.8 KB)

Ala dear:
Don't fordt to seqil    a copy of the letter which you wrrte
to -r-. Fra:-k Hoyt if you wan ,-e to take  care of .he ApublisL3ment of
i;.  The mail is teing forwarded to m.3 at  adison. We thount0 this
best so that you would not have to take care of a number of details
which mi:t be entailed.    Crystal a d I wa   .o leave you relieved of as
much as possible. I wili seo.- on a&aythi g that I ca- not take care
a-d all mail addressed to you.
Crystal we t to  ew York Friday afternoon and i suppose as
I write is ca--rying a torc: which doesn't shine anj bri~hter t_. her
eyes. 1y it seened so lonso. e after you bot. had gonel   I worked Friday
afternoon o  the accounts and report and ci'.e hne Friday evenin-' _  i-s
Sharps was tmere a   the place wa all torn up.
Have ju t had 7 caller who itayeda forever, was uninvited at
that.   o   r insists trg Ioust o t bel right aw y. 1e is deter-
mined to get ..e in  ed e rLy a-d allows me to sleep late, eve., ou-h I
sa really no* at all tired.   I beat a      t today an- put a seat in an
wicker chair, so you see I a. still quite spry- even thouh old age is
cre3ping on me. Well bye bye, Ada dear. Itve got to see you about every
so oftn fro:: now or to the end of my life so y,.u might as well madce up
your mindto the fact that by runnin- off to your 'ood people in God's
land, that you can't run away from me. Eit. er you will hav3 to vome and
see me or I'll have to go and see you, I'm quite sure of t5a-
With very nuc love,

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