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Instructions to fire wardens

Forest fires,   pp. 8-10 PDF (709.9 KB)

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town 33), the state forester can pay 26 per ent, of the mountt col-
leoted, to the poe. who fueniel      the neemery Satlopation.
The State BEard of Forest    has pged a resolution and published
the ammo that, hereafter, both civil and criminal acuon will be brought
against all persons who commit timber trespass on state forest e
"The state forester Is authorised to approve for payment to any trepas
or Otber person, upon whose evkinee successful action Is brought for tIpsao
upon any portion of the state forest reserve, not to exceed S per centum
of the
amount collected for such trespass, which payment ahall be made by the state
treaansr. Provided that "me ehall such payment exceed five hundred
lars (SWO)." (Seetion 12.
"Every person who, unlawfilly and wilfully cuts, Injures or destroys
any kind
of wood or timber standing. lyinp or growing upon the lands of another, or
the state, or of the United States, or upon any public highway, or unlawfully
and wilfully Injures or destroys or carries away any of the products of much
wood or timber lands Is. gIlty of a mlsdemesnor, and. upon conviction aball
fined not len, than 25 nbr more than 31.000. or be Imprisoned not lea. than
fifteen days nor more than three yeaM or by both much fine and Imprisonment."
(Section 19.)                                               t I      '
"In addition to the penalties provided In section 19 for wilfull trespass
on for-
est lander. the state, the conaty or the private owners upon whose lands
willful trespass waa committed. may recover In a civil action double the
of damage suffered. This section shall not apply to the cutting of wood or
timber from uncultivated woodland for the repair of a pubie highway or bridge
upon or adjacent to the land." (Section 0.)
YOJ        FIRE&
The    _ st important part of practieel forestry work. In tbe preven-
tib of <ft2 and in order to protet our forests, the ev, recurring
ferest OWN   Mt be stpd. Many residents In the northqrn pert of
the state seem to fed that fies In youngegrwth or qi cut wwr leads
de very little damgea,    . they are  ot desying 'SMpsh, mplzant-
abl  timbe. As a matte      of fact, a forest fire *  xpitre tiber,
prowided. there Is aot a bad. Wa. on the gron*4 Iqpmw tbp tipnber
bv Wiralg    round the boles af the tress but so a nat kill
them    Mi     in young growth howe6*r,   _lpt Invapili.y 49%4o     I
large proporties of the tibe and la many case. so, *p e  ,ed    tree
ramels the blamkss Lldbar Ssr     d_ bF the fte are 1sf %r formPany
yem   ntil the remag. youg Srotb II        riacli"  aimeq  t rai to
WsOO      se  a" thus n     c  toee OeF0     1U fOH11Wg Mr RWer
mimgetsmbw     h*leibesqt, tOw usous       got"A 0o qd.M ,

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