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Instructions to fire wardens

Powers of fire wardens,   pp. [3]-8 PDF (1.4 MB)

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LooKING OuT iou Timium TRESPAss.
All fre wardens are expected to familiarize themselves with the
location of the state lands In their town, and to report promptfy to the
state forester any trespass or timber cutting that may ocur on such
lands. It is not necessary that they Inform on their neighbors, or men-
tion any names, for, It the attention of the state forester Is called to
the place, the proper officlal will be sent there to ascertain the, extent
of the trespass and the names of the offenders. If, however, a Aire war
den is willing to take up the case, he should proceed as directed on
page 7 of this pamphlet
The town fire wardens are appointed by tMe state forester, who Is
the state fire warden. and, after having taken the oath of office, they
work under his direction.
"The state forester shall also be state fire warden, and, the assistant
forester shall be assistant state fire warden. The state forester shall appoint
one or more town fire wardens for those organized towns In which he deems
necessary, or for such portions of organlsed towns as be wsay defne, and
he may
remove anyre warden from omce. He shall svp the necessary instructions to
sid Are wardens and supervise the execution of thetr work." (Section
Among the powers of town fire wardens re the following:
To call upon citizens for aid in fighting fre
To act in another town when needed.
To forbid the setting of fires during a dangerously dry time
To miae arresta for violations of the forestry laws.
To receive payment for their services.
To receive a percentage of fines collected by means of Information
furnished by them.
To CALL upoN CITEms You Am.
Fire frardens have the authority to summon all the help that is
"They shall have authority to call upon any able bodled citizen, in
In which they sct, to assist In extinguishing forest, marsh or swamp fres
such manner as they may direct." (Section S)

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