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Rivard, John T. / Triple centennial jubilee souvenir book : Somerset

Somerset public school history,   pp. 109-114

Page 109

The first school in the Village of Somerset was held in the
Chapel House about i86z or more than 94 years ago. This
house was located in the vicinity of the present C. J. Montpetit
home. Two terms of school were taught in the Chapel home by
Mrs. Chapel.
Another term of school followed in the adjoining home with
Mrs. Young as the teacher. When this house burned a year
later, a school was built on Spring St. in the lot between Edgar
Johnson's apartments and A. J. Vanasse's residence. This build,
ing was in use for about thirty years after which it was used by
Mr. Vanasse as a warehouse. It was eventually purchased by
Ernest Germain of New Richmond and was moved to the old
Nels Asp farm where it was converted into a farm home, and
it is still in use.
The second Village School was built about 189o. This
building which consisted of two rooms, is still in use at the
same location upon which it was built.
Some of the school board members who served up to this
time included Ed Grant, and Alex Gordon. Teachers included
Lizzy Little, Eliza Bryant, G. B. Elliot, J. C. Louis, John
McMahan, Luthera Chadwick, Ella McDonald, G. E. Wilcox,
Della Briggs, Mary Harrington, Bridget Shays, Polina McDon-
ald, Lilla Hayes, and Eliza Shaw.
Grades one through eight were taught until 1917 when the
ninth and tenth grades were added. In the school year of 19zz,
23, the eleventh grade was added to the school program.
On August i o, 1925, the voters of the school district
approved the organizing and establishing of a district free high
school and received the Certificate of Establishment on Sept. i,
1925. This added the twelfth grade to the school program.
Due to the ever increasing enrollment, a two room addition
was started in September of I9 z6 and was ready for occupancy
for the 1927-78 school year. These two rooms are still in use
t the present time.
School Board members during this period consisted of
Louise Montbriand, Chas. Koehler, J. 0. Belisle, Eugene Ri-
yard, C. J. Meinke, E. A. Parnell, Zephire Belisle, and W. F.
First village public school was built near the Vanasse store, 1864.
Actual construction of the classroomgymnasium addition be-
gan in 939. Board members at this time consisted of Ray
Bishop, Henry LaGrandeur, and E. A. Parnell.
Mrs. Francois Roy
First teacher in Township of
Somerset in the 1850's.
Our Teachers
Left to Right, Seated: Mrs. Donald Landry, Mrs. Art Wegge, Mrs.
Myron Myers, Mrs.  Art Landry, Mrs. Marion Hogan. Standing:
Carl L. Wickman, Principal; Dean Tyeten, Robert Seibel, Wallace
Mehlberg, Ed Shern.
Several attachments of other school districts have taken
place within the past few years to make up the area now served
by the Somerset Public Schools. Some of these school district
records are no longer available. A brief description of the at-
tachments follow:
Jt. Dist. No. 4 and.7 of the Townships of Somerset and
St. Joseph, better known as the North Bass Lake School at,
tached to the present district on July i, 1952. Jt. Dist. No.
z and 4, better known as the Sand Hill School, of the same
township also attached on this date. Early board members con-
sisted of Amable Champau, Octave Baillargeon, Charles Caru,
fel, Sam Veillieux, and Daniel Little.
School Dist. No. 4, Township of St. Joseph, better known
as the Four Corner School District attached on July 6. 1953.
In 9oz school board members consisted of Warren D. Chap-
man, Charles Audett, and Frank A. London. Annual meetings
at that time were conducted in the homes of board members.
A school house site was voted for and approved in i9o.
School Dist. No. i, township of Somerset, sometimes known
as the "Horse Collar District" due to its geographical description
was organized in 1938 and was in existence only fifteen years.
The first officers in this school district were: Herbert DeCosse,
Director, Art Wegge, Clerk, and Fred Meinke, Treasurer.
This district attached on Oct. 6, 1953.
Due to a fire which destroyed the school building and
records of Dist. No. 6, better known as the Landing Hill
School, records are not available for years prior to i9oi.
School officers at that time were Herman Meinke, Lawrence
Parnell, and Henry Ostendorf. This district attached on July
I, 1954.

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