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Haines, C. J.; Dean E. G. (ed.) / Rice Lake, Wisconsin

Rice Lake Lumber Company,   pp. 12-16

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bian exposition 'year. There are 171 members: they play       Rice  Lake    tLtrT~ber Comrpany,
high grade music and have a very extensive repertory o  0.H. Ingram, president; William Carson, vice presi-
the latest and most popular selections. The banmd has
participated in many important evens. among    wi h     dent; W. H. Bundy. secretary; W. K. Coffin. treasurer.
iar be noted the anniversary exercis of the 1. 0. 0. F.  The company ws i.orparated in  183 with a capital
of Northern Wisconsin, hed at Spoonr thre e, yeas      stock of $500,0)0, whih was increased in 888 to $600,-
go. They have been ably drilled and present a fine      00. The company owns a large amount Of unct ie
appearance on parade under the leadership of J.    .    along th streams tributary to the Red Cedar river,
Schaaf, drum  major, who has acted in that capacity two  which will all b sawed in this city. The company is
year     takes great interest in the welfare of the b ond.  at present operating the large steam saw mill of its own,
Practia in the Field building, rgular           e et-   the water saw mill which it leases from  the Knapp,
n                          n                    Stout & C3. Company, and a large planing mill. The
iig  xng held Monday evenings, The instrumentation                                          I
is as follows: August Boll, Eb bass and leader; Eddie   capacity for sawing is very l   en e      p
Bol  Bbbas;  d.Hanon baitoe  nd  reidet;  given onl an average to nearly, 250 men. The company
Frn       ( i I    g  atnr baP      e   no    ust     also owns largoe tr  of lands between Long and Cedar
bi          er, tenor; Ben Pn    e nor; Gust     lakes, and along Big Chetek, Slim lake and Lake Sissa-
Sadinger, trombhone;, Frod Hanson, solo alto; Joe
Fr ak Bore a; E, soll Ebor            bagama, on which there is more or less hardwood and
Erckon alto; Fak Boo t, alto: Ernest Boll, Eb cor-          I
Oscar Oerby, oland treasurer; Carl                 which are. offered for sale to settlers very cheap and on
not, O   st ver     nty,  E Fl coret d Bb r;       r   easonable terms. This is by far the largest industry in
Erihro, 3           Bb       Fiorn  ad Han  snare   the city, and the company is ever alert to advance the
aes           ecber,  a  d met: Jake s aso,      interests of the city. This company is largely inter-
ested in the stock of the water and lighting company.
+ ..A. L. Ulrich, ex-secretary, has been here since 1889,
+ + +                             and has had charge of the lumber business since that
Rice Lake Fltf)letic ClUb                     time. He was engagd in the lumber business several
S      g   nothe city. ayears at Chicago heore coming here.
in J       , I     The membership is about ;30, and       Anderson, W. R., engineer steam sawmill, is a native
t      v a gmsiun and cab rooms in th basement          of Hudson Wis. has been with the company nine years.
corner of Main and Marshall                               Blystone, Geo. H., superintendent of the lumber yards
Tt officers are: John Appleton, pres-          and planing mill, is one of the stockholders of the com-
idet;Nel Iersnsecretary' Otto Gobler traurer;.    pany, and h. ts been with the company 10 years, coming
Chere from            Eau Claire. He is a native of Crawford
-12-       ':            tx         o~r         tri     pnadhs e           ihtecman            er, m

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