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Haines, C. J.; Dean E. G. (ed.) / Rice Lake, Wisconsin

Church organizations,   pp. 4-6

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clburc, organ~izationsz.                    Sunday evenings. Membership about 100. Sunday
school averages 80 pupils. Rev. F. S. de Mattos. Ph.
FIRST C UR OF CHRIST SCIENTIST-Was organi1zed    D., pastor, is a native of Illinois; was educated in Scot-
abot 1  yersago;. incorporated in February, 1896.  land; entered mninistry in 1884; graduated from Univer-
are held very       unday in K. P.h all.  emsity of Glasgow in 1887; and has served this church
Ssince November, 1896. Besides the work in Rice Lake,
FA               OIURCH-Locnted    on   Mes-     he has harge of the congregation at Barron.
sengr sree-. rgaize Setnber 9, 1883, by Rev. W.
V.  hapn.with 13 catr members. Rev. Chapin            NORWEGIAN EVANGELIC'AL LUTHERAN CONGREGATION
h         uni 1      and has been followed by    of the United Church was organized July, 29, 1875. The
Rv S;               ev. Win. Omelvena 1 889      church building which is located on Evans street, was
v   T           . The p     t pastor, Rev. D.   commenced in 1881; first service was held there in May,
.....               ...n his pastoral duties Aungst 10.  183' completed and dedicated in 1893. Membership
uredfice was dedicated in th                325; Sunday school 70; parochial school in summer
s1          has been a steady growth in      av rages 80 pupils. Rev. J. E. Nord, pastor, has been
m ilar Sunday and midweek services       with the congregaion since May, 1883. He was born
.. hours, and there are an activ     in Norway in 1852; came to America in 1872; graduated
Lades Ai  Sciey.Homne and Foreign Missionary      from Augsberg Seminary, Minneapolis, in 1880, entered
soieie, nda  eelyclssfo Bbl sudy              the ministry samne year and was located at Liberty Pole,
URU        s   a   on   ui        Wis., three years previous to coming to Rice Lake. He
GERMANn wVNEIA dediRCte in loaed nBr 1893    has 'a congregation at Hayward also which numbers
Sevcseey Sunay at usual hours. Rev. George          aot25
Sceile pstrisa grdat of Napierville colleg,,       OUR SAVIOR'S SCANDINAVIAN LUTHERAN CONGREGA-
Chiag, ndissevig hescn    year of his ministry   TIoN belonging to the Synod was organized in 1892;
Sincorporatd 1898; located on Messenger street. Mom-
GERMN LTHEAN  HURH holds service in the        bership 120; ladies society, 25; Sunday school, 37;.
Scadinvin curc  o  Mesegr stret. Preaching         parochial shool, 85. Rev. 1. J. Kvamn, pastor, was born
oncein fur Norway, came to America in 1882; attended Luther
GRAC  EPSCOAL CHUR~CH  Oraie      in 1881 and    college at Decorah, I. four years, and Luther Seminary
o  o               Lak. Corner stone of      at Robbinsdale, Minn., graduating  in 1892. After
i   din 188     frst   rvi   held in the     nearly two years pastorate at Seattle, Wash., came to
. ices regularly, eept                       Ricoe      in 1895. Hehasa congregationof 100

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