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Curtiss-Wedge, F.; Jones, Geo. O. (ed.) / History of Dunn County, Wisconsin

Preface,   p. [v]

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The aim of this book is to present in available form what the average citizen
desires to know about those events which have conjoined to make Dunn County
what it is today. To the narration of said events has been add:d biographical
mention of many former and present-day citizens, having a strong human interest
that will he personal, directly or indirectly, to many readers of the volume.
The material for the history proper has been drawn from many sources, among
them: the History of Northern Wisconsin, 1881; History of the Chippewa Valley,
1892; the back files of the Dunn County News; papers prepared by well knowl
pioneers and long-time residents of the county and read by them at meetings of the
Old Settlers' Society; official records at Madison and at the Dunn County court-
house; the Wisconsin Blue Book or legislative record; the state and federal census
reports giving various statistics; and other literary and documentary records, in
addition to which must be mentioned a considerable amount of valuable data that
was orally contributed.
The large amount of biography, amplified in many cases by more or less
genealogy, was obtained, through personal interviews with those who are thu'
represented, or with some member or members of their respective families.
The purely historical data-that contained on the first 246 pages of the volume-
after being compiled, was for the most part submitted to certain well informed
citizens for approval or correction before going to press. M\r. C. E. Freeman, of
Menomonie, in this capacity rendered much valuable service, also contributing some
articles from his own pen. There were also many other helpers, some in Menomonie
and some in other parts of the county, to whom the publishers owe a debt fi grati-
Probably no perfect history was ever written, but we trust that in the present
work we have rectified the most serious errors of former historians of this region
without any of our own being sufficiently great to affect its value as a fairly reliable
history of the county of which it treats.
Minneapolis, Minn.
September, 1925

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