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Dallas Centennial 1870-1970 : August 15-16, 1970

First families

One of the most treasured legacies of living
in a small town is the fact that you are not just
a number. You are an individual and are proud
to know that long after your headstone has been
put in place there will be someone who recalls
something personal about you when your name is
spoken. For that very reason we are attempting
to recall as many names as space will allow in
this history of Dallas. We purposely have not men-
tioned the very young as this is history and they
must still make theirs.
Another pioneer who came to Dallas the same
year, 1870, was Knute Stenseth Amundson. He took
a homestead of 160 acres of wild land in Section
2. In 1903 he sold part of his place to his son,
John. In 1913 the house was destroyed by fire and
a modern home was built in its place. He was
married to Anna Wintrone and had nine children.
They are Clara, Genard, Herman (who has a home
in Dallas); Lloyd, Wallace, Griffin, Ben, Kenneth,
and Lawrence.. Ben now owns the homestead.
Even Amundson, son of Knute, located to the
north of the village. He owned a saw mill and
did custom threshing and carpenter work. His cus-
tom work took him far and wide, even to Minn-
esota where he met and married his bride. Their
home was a lively one with thirteen children who
Ole Knutson built the firsk house on the east
side of the cre'jk. He and his wife Siri had one
son, Sever who never married, and a daughter
Tena who married John Nelson. One son, Oscar
was born to them and he never married. A broth-
er Knute Knutson, homesteaded the farm now own-
ed by a grandson, Conrad Dalen. Knute's family
were: Oscar, Carl, Gena, Mrs. Gus Dalen, and
Karinus. Mrs. Knute Haugestuen, a sister of Con-
rad Dalen, lives near here.
grew up here and will be remembered by many.
They are Minnie, (Mrs. John Halverson) Carl, Inga,
(Mrs. Gene Clumpner) Lilly, (Mrs. Harry Ander-
son) Hannah, (Mrs. Art Harstad) Ellen, Mrs. Ed
Nelson) Harold, Ralph, Oswald, Stanley, Ardis, (Mrs.
Al Hanson) Dale, and Betty, (Mrs. Frank Klawiter.)
If you stop in at Jorstad's Store, you may
be greeted by Minnie Halverson who still works
there part time.
Oswald Amundson presently works for Chibar-
dun Telephone Cooperative and his wife Clara
(Flagsfad) works at Jorstad's Store. The family
have all left the nest. One daughter, Valoise, (Mrs.
Danny Severude) didn't go very far as she still
lives in Dallas.

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