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Hastings, Lucy A. / Family correspondence, 1838, 1855-1874

Oxford Jan 25th. 1857 PDF (2.6 MB)

1857, Jan 25
Oxford Jan 25th 1857.
Dear brother and sister.
 Again I will pen a few lines to let you know how we are getting along this
cold winter, our health is good as usual, but we feel as though we had got
too far north for comfort, we now have about 3 feet of snow, and very severe
cold weather.  One day the ______ stood 39 degrees below zero, (it is a very
uncommong winter).  Smead has now traded away our farm, and done well, he
has bought 102 acres of first rate land, about 160 miles North West of here,
we may never go there to live, and yet may go this spring, have not yet decided,
we find it a very good way for _______ folks out here, to go on to government
land make improvements then sell, and after awhile get to farming in good
shape, there is a great call for land where he has bough, and if he has a
chance that suits he will let it go and we perhaps get to Kansas yet, his
land is in the valley of the Chippewa river, about __ miles from the Mississippi
River, timber there is plenty and cheap, here it is very high and scarce,
still we like here and if he had a team and farming tools sufficient to make
a business of farming without working out, he probably would not have sold.
We last week received a letter from Lysander, he was well, but said that
he have been obliged to quite work on the railroad, it was so tedious being
in the prairies this cold weather, but did not tell me what he was doing,
he writes me kind affectionate latters and I think I discover traces of a
reformation of life and habits, God grant that it may be so. I have not heard
from Greenfield since Mr. Hunts and family came on here, I often think of
Freedom and her children, hope they are comfortable this cold

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