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Hastings, Lucy A. / Family correspondence, 1838, 1855-1874

Sabbath Eve [1856] PDF (2.1 MB)

Sabbath Eve.
Sister Charlotte,
 I commeded writing on a half sheet thinking I should not more than fill
it to you both, but I found I covered it too soon and I will scribble a little
more to you, I have been kept at home from meeting on account of bad road
and the weather today, this evening Smead has gone to a prayer meeting held
at one of our neighbors, and I am seated alone by my fireplace, would that
you could come in and set with me, but as that cannot be, I am thankful we
can converse with our friends in this silent way, I am glad you have taken
Ozear to live with you and wish his brother's and sisters were as well provided
for, what a responsibility rests upon thse who have the care of children,
in order to bring them up so that they will be ornaments to society...the
typhoid fever has prevailed about here considerable this winter and people
prophesy it is going to be more sickly on account of the severe winter, you
Eastern people know but little of the hardships and deprivations of some
of our western people who live in log houses, it would make your heart ache
to look into some that I have seen since I left Mass, and yet the inmates
seemed contented tough and happy, Still a good share of the log housese are
as warm and comfortable, and framed houses, but I have not yet got so accustomed
to seeing them as to like their looks very well, I have three neighbors who
live in such, but they are very comfortable, timber is so scarce and high
that many who commence on new farms are oblidged to put up such until they
can do better,  Smead has just returned home and is going to finish a letter
he commenced to his brother is Iowa and says that 

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