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Harvey, Lorenzo Dow, 1848-1922 / Report of the commissioner appointed by the legislature in 1899 to investigate and report upon the methods of proceedure in this and other states and countries in giving instruction in manual training and in the theory and art of agriculture in the public schools

Development of manual training in the schools of foreign countries,   pp. 48-55 PDF (1.8 MB)

Page 48

48       Manual Training in the Public Schools.
present time sLie is constantly in school for nine to ten
months in the year. The demands which the school
make upon her are so great that what little time and en-
ergy are left for learning the household arts in the
home, even granting that conditions are such as to ten-
der that learning possible, are inadequate for the pur-
pose. Such systematic training in these arts as is now
given in many localities, and can be given in any school
system, would make her more independent and more
useful as a member of society, and would result in se-
curing better conditions in her future home than are
likely to exist without such training. The family would
be better fed. and more economically fed, the home
.would be furnished with more taste and without greater
expense, and she and her children dressed with better
taste, and without greater cost, than would be possible
without such training.
  Within the present century, Finland was the first
country to give a recognized place in the curriculum of
its primary schools, to wood work and other manual
exercise. In i866, instruction in some branch of man-
ual work such as wood work, basket work, tin work or
iron work, was made compulsory in the Training Col-
leges for male teachers, and in all primary schools for
boys in country districts.
  In Norway this branch of school work was first recog-
nized in the offical program in i86o. It is only within
recent years that much attention has been given to the
usefulness of a system of manual exercises as a branch
of general primary education. Since i8qi it has been
compulsory in all Norwegian Training Colleges and
town schools.

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