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[Hamilton Manufacturing Company minute book, 1926]

Special meeting of directors: March 20, 1926,   pp. 114-122

Page 114

Two Rivers, Wisconsin,
March 20, 1926.
A special meeting of the Board of Directors of Hamilton
Manufacturing Company was held pursuant to written waiver of
notice of said meeting signed by all of the directors of said
corporation (tie waiver of Director J. E. Hamilton being by
telegraph), and was convened at the place and on the date above
set forth, at the principal office of said corporation, at the
hour of ten o'clock in the forenoon.
The vice-president of the corporation, H. C. Gowran,
took the chair and called the Boqrd of Directors to order;
Thos. W. Suddard, secretary, present and acting as such. By
direction of the chairman, the secretary called the roll of
directors, which disclosed the following present in person,
constituting a quorum of the Board:
H. C. Gowran
Thos. W. Suddard
H. Rowley.
The secretary of the corporation presented the written
waiver of notice of the meeting signed in their own handwriting
by four of the five directors, to-wit: George S. Hamilton,
H. C. Gowran, Thos. W. Suddard and H. Rowley, and also presented
the telegraphic waiver of notice and consent to the holding of
the meeting signed by the fifth director, J. E. Hamilton, which
written and signed waivers and consents and which telegraphic
waiver and consent were ordered to be placed in the records of
the Company iimediately preceding the minutes of the meeting.
The chairman submitted to the meeting a proposed form
of first mortgage or deed of trust to be made by the Company to
Marshall & Ilsley Bank, of Milwaikee. 7isconqin, as Trustee, to
secure a proposed issue of the Company's first mortgage 6
serial gold bonds in the aggregate principal amount of One
Million Dollars ($1,000,000). The chairman stated that at the

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