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[Hamilton Manufacturing Company Corporation Record and Contract]

By-laws,   pp. 18-22 ff.

Page 18

ous states, and the works of standard text book writers. It will be found to conform fully to the requirements of
Soniinary cases; and, with only slight additions or changes, can be made to serve the needs of any ordinary corporation.
w forms of wording and the terms used are such as have been passed upon by the courts and have a settled meaning,
bat all possible ambiguity may be avoided; and in all cases where it has been necessary to enumerate powers and
- os, -1ch genoriltc!!] v'is'.-'  o:'I   to  i   ':1 rc',r~-  11;(.11:y  ti  , (." I ia V  tiltion,'
i(- LE 1
SEC. 2.   Its principal office shall be located at -
EC. 3. Other offices for the transaction of business shall be located at such
SECTION 1. The anount of the capital stock shall be
do ars,which shall be divided into       '52-      -shares, of the value of
ollars each.
S    AIll certificates of stock shall be signed by the President and the Secre-
be sealed with the corporate seal.
>1'c. 3. Treasury stock shall be held by the corporation subject to the disposal
'board of directors, and shall neither vote nor participate in dividends.
EC. 4. The corporation shall have a first lien on all the shares of its capital stock,
ipon all dividends declared upon the same, for any indebtedness of the respective
holders thereof to the corporation.
Ec. 5. Transfers of stock shall be made only on the books of the corporation;
the old certificate, properly endorsed, shall be surrendered and cancelled before
certificate is issued. The stock books of the corporation shall be closed against
,rs for a period of            days before the day of payment of a dividend and
r   i days before each annual meeting of stockholders.

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