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Voskuil, W. C. / Annual report of W. C. Voskuil, county agricultural agent of Grant County, Wisconsin: 1938-1939

Bangs disease eradication,   p. 20 PDF (206.2 KB)

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           Forty percent of the herds in Grant County have been
tested for Bqngs Disease under the Federrl Indemnity System.
This work is promoted thru this office to a large extent.
Applicrtions are received snd submitted to the State Department
of Agriculture.  All county publicity is handled by the Agent.
B-ung's problems were discussed a1t many of the matings held
throughout the year.
           At the present time no Federal Indemnity is available.
As soon as this is again availuble preliminary ,ork on an area
test will begin.  The first steps will be to get an accurate
idea of the attitude of tht farmers.   If, after educational work
is completed, seventy-five per cent of the f'rme-rs want the test,
petitions for it will be started.   The Agent flels that unless
an area test is adopted little lasting good will be accomplished.
          At the present time two Dairy Herd Improvement
Associctions are in operation in Grant County.   Thlse contain
memblers from all parts of the County.  Donald Kovars is thu
fieldman for the Gr-nt No. 1 Associ-tion and Joe Bowman is the
ficldman for the South-vwest Visconsin Association.
           The office has been of ser-vice to these Associations
in sendiing monthly reports to all of the membeirs. Along with
these are sent sugg'-stions  nd information of h(lp to the members.
Alice Schn-ider serves as S'.ecret'ry to the Southvest Wisconsin
Associu tion.

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