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Voskuil, W. C. / Annual report of W. C. Voskuil, county agricultural agent of Grant County, Wisconsin: 1938-1939

Weed program advances,   pp. 8-10 PDF (613.7 KB)

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not found in other types of work. The future of these boys and
girls is very important to Grant County.
                   WEED PROGRAM ADVANCES
           Aided by an appropriation for Field Bindweed control
and excellent cooperation from weed commissioners and town
chairman, this years weed program achieved excellent results.
Field bindweed received the most attention.
           The first problem was to secure an accurate map of
Bindweed infestation in the County. Weed commissioners and A.
A.A. committeemen did most of this work during the summer. The
accompanying map shows the latest picture on infestation in
each township. No doubt many patches are not accounted for.
           All possible help was given to farmers on whose farms
Bindweed ias found.  Personal visits were made to many of them.
The appropriation glade by the County has been used to pay half
the cost of the sodium chlorate used on Field Bindwued. The
fund will be depleted in another year.
           An activity that helped spread Bindweed information
was the erection of a County Weed Booth at all three of the
County Fairs. Large crowds viewed the booth at Lancaster,
Platteville and Bloomington. Half of the exhibit was devoted to
identification of the weed while the other half gave control
methods. This booth evoked more than any other method
that we have used.
           In distributing sodium chlorate care is taken to give
out only the amount needed for the Bindweed patches at an
application rite of four pounds per square rod. An O.K. is re-
quired from the Agent, weed commissioner or town chairman.

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