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Gleanings of '24

[Literary],   pp. 69-[73]

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Muriel Coopman Elected QUEEN and Garth Volk KING. 
IlUIRRY! hiry hurry! Don't your ears still Hing with the cry of 
each man advertising his side show? Really can von tell which one 
of then all you liked best? This is all talk about the "Big Carnival'"
held at the Oconto Falls High School, February 1, 1924.- The whoh 
week before lhe l. Cr.iival one saw gr'mips of two or -the*, talking tit
niffled tones. An  vnaery nigh ft er school each teacher bad a group 
inl his or her room making Secret plans. Alt were anxious for the big 
lbhe doors'weire oljened a :t0 6:0) 'clock p. i.. and from that time tnil-
,it 12:00 there was iutrrv and scurrv nise and laught'. In every roani 
il tlle building thlere lwas a side show. The Cave of Horrors. The Slain
Gall ery andi the F'iune Tellers were always )usy. The teachers that 
.old the li(kets had , hard task to sell tickets to each in their turn. Two
little Freshies stoodI talking in the hall. 'I never saw so niany peopl';
ini all my lifre.' "Neither (lid I." All the towis 'peoile y-oung
and old were 
to the Carnival for otie night of real fill i. 
At 8:Ut5 the hi- show started. People flocked like wild-to 9t in 
so they could get a front seat. Soon the lights wt're turned onl' anl 
Mid the maiager slelqle'd upon the st'tge. The first nunber on the pro- 
gram was Madame Butterfly. She (?) certainly had a big surpiisg in 
store ort all. She !hrilled tile hearts otf +et alrheirce by he' entrancing
litisl(. Til, ofle' liltlit)ers of the program Were a credit to the cq*Tlparry,
liind we are sorry they cannot all he vith its iext year. The last nuin-
ler o' the big show was the cr4owiiltig of the King aid Queen of l:the 
,ariiival. The Ioy and gi'l receiving the g-r(atst number of voteS 
were elected Kiig alnd Queen ot' the ( c,  iva1.' (ialth VYolk was elected
King anid Muriel .Coopmali was elected Queen. After the shio  uJitney 
(laine began, w-here every one could limber ill). The  dancifng lasted 
Until 12:00. 
Ytin! Yilii! \Ve rilst not forget the eats. The coffee and ice 
cream and pink lemonade. It simply could 'not be a cairnival without 
eits. Here's to the health that we have another carnival next year. 
A great deal of' talent and i ugenili tvy was manifested at the 7,aude- 
ville given by a group of studenits oil February 3. 
The show was a grand success featuring seven side-splitting, heart- 
b reaking acts. Thio first niim', "Actors froi Faiyry hand," was
critled as, dainty dancing diamnids stowvtd a great deal of talent in the
coinig generatioi. Mrs. Maigatter sang two very bieautiful songs. The 
Follies of '24It were perhaps tie jIreatest alt'action. The next number 
On1 the rI'ogta'mt was a medley of sonigs. Tie Fashions from Paris were 
very interestiing, featuring the very latest styles worn in the ark. Tie,
I tndian club sminger showed much agility in sone of his fantasiic cot- 
jortions as be entertained us with feats of danger and daring. The 
Syncopated School rendered their part of the program in perfect har- 
n'onev and rythm. The climax was reached when the minstrels al- 
pIeared in an acting and singing comedv and overwhelmed their audi- 
ence with their wonderful foot w'ork and lively jokes. 

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