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Gleanings of '24

Alumni 1923,   p. 36

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ALUMNI 1923 
Eunice Baudhuin                     Teaching in Big Suamico. 
Harold Ankerson                     Teaching at Hayes. 
Elva Bateman                        Teaching at Lakewood. 
Leola Ama                           Employed in Milwaukee. 
Herbert Bramshreiber               Teaching at Lakewood. 
Marjorie Caldwell                   Employed in Milwaukee. 
Ruth Chatell                        Teaching at Little Suamico. 
Alvin Cota                          Marquette University. 
Lylla Duame                         Post Graduate of the 0. F. H. S. 
Florence Eastman (Mrs. F. Lober-'er) Teaching at Underhill. 
Melvin Ernst                        Home. 
Beryl Flatley                       Mercy Hospital-Chicago. 
Ellis Evans                         Employed in Milwaukee. 
Willon Foral                        Employed in Milwaukee. 
Fred Garnier                        Employed at Oconto Falls. 
Oliver Halsted                      Teaching at Shiocton. 
Eunie Hanby                        Teaching at Abrams. 
Claire Knutsen                      Teaching at Shawano County. 
Roland Kussow                       Teaching at Spruce. 
Marie McDermid                      Teaching at Chase. 
Donald McIlree                      Employed at Oconto Falls. 
John McKeever                       Teaching in Town of Oconto. 
Norman McCurdie                     Working at Oconto Falls. 
Philomena Moleski                   Teaching at Marinette. 
Allen Meyer                         Employed at Oconto Falls. 
James Murray                        Ripon College. 
June Nelson                         Teaching at Gillett. 
Fern Peterson                       Working in Oconto Falls. 
Imogene Peep                        Teaching at Spruce. 
Arlene Reynolds                     Teaching at Townsend. 
Bertha Richert                      Teaching at Berry Lake. 
Norma Rymer                         Teaching at Sobieski. 
Vera Sargent                        Teaching at Sobieski. 
Laurette Sandvold                   Sceretary of the 0. F. H. S. Home. 
Ethel Schlorf                       Home 
Arvilla Spitzer                     Employed in Oconto Falls. 
Alec Steffeck                       Teaching at Brazeau. 
Zola Statler                        Teaching at Brazeau. 
Susan Tucker                        Employed in Michigan. 
Madella Vollmer                     Working in Chicago. 
Edna Wolf                           Mechael Resse Hospital-Chicago. 
Allan Kaufman                       Employed in Iron Mountain, Mich. 
Vane Ryan                           Employed at Oconto Falls. 
Mr. Holzman: "Why are there more crimes in summer than ir- 
winter? " 
Homer: "Because they get cold feet." 
Mr. Holzman: "Give for one year the number of tons of coal shipped 
out of the United States." 
Ted: "1492; none." 
Teacher: "In what battle did General Wolfe, when hearing or 
victory cry, 'I die happy'?" 
Pupil: "I think it was his last battle." 
"Know you where you are, sir?" 

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