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Gleanings of '24

History of the tribe of 1925,   p. 27

Page 27

Note How They Have Distanced All Competitors 
Lo, the purple shadows and the crimson twilight fades away. All 
is dim darkness. All is still. But behold, the faint glimmer of light for
a candle still burns. Hear the soft scratching of the quill pen as it glides
smoothly across the white pages. The great Mudjekewis, magician, 
records with the hand of time the history of the Kabeyuns tribe of 1925.
In the year 19,)1, the Wabasso, (Joe Swaboda) played full back on. 
Shuh-shuh-gah team. In many bloody battles he helped hold aloft the 
Orange and Black and brought home the WVampum belt of victory. 
In the same year the demure little maid Miskodeed, (Evelyn Elliott) 
became one of the Soongetaho (Basketball) players. Miskodeed played 
hard and aided in gaining the victory from the Wo-Wa (Peshtigo) and 
'renodizze (Suring). 
Kenneth Mmnsert and Norman Tracy (Chetowaik and Chibiabos) 
played in the orchestra of the Shuh-shuh-gah. The next year 192? 
Chetowaik continued to play in the Badger Five, while Chibiobas still 
produced soft vibrations from his clarinet in the orchestra. The maiden 
(t1heezes(I Dorothy Meyer) became pianist for the Badger Five. 
In 1921-22 numerous maids and braves from the Kabeyum tribe joined 
the Glee Club and appeared in the Opperretta. Many of the maideni 
were active memhe'rs of the Girl Scouts (Peboon) in 1922-23. 
During these years the youths began to consider themselves braves 
and sought out their Nenenimoshos (sweet hearts) from the Kebeyum 
In this year Oweenee (Margaret Goggins) became a member of the 
Booster Club. This year more members of the Kabeyum tribe was added 
to the club. They were Kayoshk (Beatrice Wilson) and Kivashid (Andy 
=      Caldie). 
In the following year Segwun (Lucille Belanger) became a guard on 
the Shuh-shuh-gah's girls' basketball team. She displayed great genius 
as a player and certainly did her share in gaining the victory. 
Showgashee, better known as Clarence Coopman made the basketball 
team in this same year. Nohma, (Marvin Sampson) Chibiobas (Norman 
Tracy) Mishe-Makwvo also played on the team. 
In Football we again find Showgashee (C. Coopman) and Asseo (Ray- 
mond Meyer) on the team. In football as well as other athletic activities
the Kabeyums made a wonderful showing. 
So throughout the three years of High School the Kabeyum trib, 
has aided, boosted and boasted for every activity in school. May the 
Scripture of Midje!keewis next year show more honor and wisdom for 
the Kabevum. No doubt they will for the Kabeyum's motto is like this: 
Esa-Kabeyum (We are the braves). 
"   h   e   h-B.A.R. 
i                    "Do what lies at hand." 
t                           27 
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