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How you can get a Wisconsin farm

Modern methods make land clearing easier,   p. 6 PDF (369.2 KB)

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              Many farmers, not familiar with
I-     -    modern land clearing methods, have
         First Cut The Brush With A Seytb
  Cut the brush close to the ground so you
big acreage of clover and timothy. Pile the
down logs around the stumps and burn them a
the ones that do not burn out to rot out.
can all be done by hand.
             Next Plow The Open Places
  Plow the open places you have brushed for
for winter feed for the stock, and for a potato
go over the rest of the brushed land with a s
harrow, as this man is doing, and get in a moi
crop of hay right away.
             Clean lUp Your Stumps Last
  After you have the whole farm seeded down
ing money for you, come back and give any s
have not rotted out a shot of dynamite or T. 1S
ern blasting is very simple, and safe, and c
teach you fully in regard to the safe and ra
dynamite. Next pile and burn the stumps.
in your regular fields and put a fancy price on
an entirely wrong conception of what
the problems are on a cut-over farm
in Wisconsin. They think that each
acre must be laboriously cleared by
hand before any crops can be raised
on the land. They think no money
comes in until each acre is cleared.
And they think it costs a great deal
to clear an acre of land. These mis-
taken ideas have kept back many
men from buying a piece of wonder-
ful cut-over land in Wisconsin.
  Land clearing has been developed
to a science in this state. The Uni-
versitv of Wisconsin has spent thou-
Le          sands and thousands of dollars in
             working out the best and simplest
can sow a  ways to clear land, and the National
brush and Land Colonizing Company also has
)ut. Leave  been to a great expense in the same
This work  work.  We have our own develop-
             ment men who teach you how to
             clear land.
clear land is to work with nature.
The farmers call this "letting the
land clear itself". Here is the way
it works. The first thing to do is to
take a scythe and cut the brush close
to the ground. Then, if there are
any down logs, pick thein up and pile
them and the brush around each
stump, and burn them out. When
the fires die down, only the bigger
stumps are left.
  Besides, there always will be many
open places where the stumps have
rotted out years ago. Have one of
our men show you how to blow out
with dynamite the few stumps left
in the open places.  Then pile and
burn these stumps. Plow these open
places for your garden, for a place
to raise mangles, cow beets and rut-
abagas for the cows for winter, and
for a place for a big potato patch,
            where you can raise those big crops
            of famous Wisconsin potatoes.
 * a garden, Now, you start to let the land
 a garden, clear itself. You continue to brush
crop. the   by hand.  This work requires no
riey-making  horses, and many men start without
             even a team. As you brush, you
             continue to burn around the stumps.
             Then. You drag over this land be-
tween the stumps with a spring tooth
harrow, and sow clover and timothy
right among the stumps.
  You will get a tremendous crop of
hay this way, from two to four tons
to the acre. You now can get more
stock and feed this hay, or else sell
it for cash. There is a good market
for hay, because of so many new
dairy cows coming into this coun-
try. The hay crop from an acre will
usually more than pay for the land.
In this way you get your land mak-
ing money quickly.
  Next you should continue to brush
by hand until you have the whole
farm seeded down. All this time the
stumps are rotting (practically all
             our stumps are hardwood and rot)
             and the farm is not only "clearing
 and mak- itself" but it is also making you
stumps that money. Then, you can return and
r. T. Mod- blow out the stumps that have not
heap. We    rotted out, fence up your fields of
.pid use of different crops, and you have a
Now, fence  cleared farm worth many times the
your farm. cheap price you paid for it.
- tsahP wuv WP trv to Ret the men to
,1    .  i.  I. .;.      .-

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