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Whitbeck, R. H., 1871-1939 (Ray Hughes) / The geography and economic development of southeastern Wisconsin

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BIBLIOGRAPHY              2
Alden, W. C. Delavan Lobe of the Lake Michigan Glacier,
U. S. Geol. Survey, Professional Paper 34, 1904. 99 pp.
maps, plates, and text figs.
Quarternary Geology of Southeastern Wisconsin, U. S.
Geol.' Survey, Professional Paper 106, 1918.  34 pp.
39 plates, 21 text figures, 2 large folded maps.  A thor-
ough treatment of the glacial features of southeastern
Case, E. C. Wisconsin, Its Geology and Physical Geography.
190 pp. Milwaukee, 1907.
Chamberlin, T. C. On the Extent and Significance of the Wis-
consin Kettle Moraine, Trans. Wis. Acad. Sci., Vol. 4.,
1879, pp. 201-234.
The Terminal Moraine of the Second Glacial Epoch,
U. S. Geol. Survey, Third Ann. Rept. 1883, pp. 315-326.
The Geology of Eastern Wisconsin, in Vol. II of the
Geology of Wisconsin. 4 vols., issued by the State Geol-
ogist, 1878-1883.
Chief of Engineers. U. S. Army, Annual reports of; a section
of each report and also Appendix J J deal with the har-
bors of the Milwaukee district.
Collie, G. L. Physiography of Wisconsin, Bulletin of the
American Geographical Society, Vol. 2,1901, pp. 270-287.
Leverett, Frank. Outline History of the Great Lakes. Michi-
gan Acad. Sci:, 12th Rept. 1910, pp. 28-30.
Campbell, H. C. Wisconsin in Three Centuries, 4 vols. New
York, 1906.
Cary, J. W. The Organization and History of the Chicago.
Milwaukee, and St. Paul Railway Company, 1891.
Cram, T. J. Internal Improvements in the Territory of Wis-
consin, Senate Doc. 140, 26th Congress, 1st session, Wash-
ington, 1840. 26 pp. and large map.

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