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Town of Frankfort centennial

Politics,   pp. 40-41

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The early settlers were interested in politics. This is very
noticable in the change of township officers and also in state
and national elections. The general election held on November
6, 1900 shows a total of 114 votes cast, 62 republican and 48
democrats and 2 socialist.
On many occasions Marathon County candidates would
come out to speak to the local people at the town hall.
Henry Eggebrecht was a candidate for Marathon County
treasurer in 1913 with no success.
Loddie Loskot was a candidate for State Assembly running
on the Republican ticket in 1964 against Ben Riehle on the
Democratic ticket during the Democratic Presidential land-
slide of Lyndon B. Johnson. This was not a Republican year
and most Republicans lost.
In June of 1978, acting Governor of Wisconsin, Martin
Schrieber visited at the farm of Norbert Rabel family in Sec-
tion 33.
With the efforts and invitation of Ray Bandle, Governor
Jerry Brown of California visited at the Bandle farm on March
30, 1980 to speak to local farm leaders and interested people.
Governor Brown was on a speaking tour for his bid as a
democratic candidate for President of the United States.
The Town of Frankfort was always represented on the
Marathon board of supervisors by its elected town chairman.
After Marathon County was completely organized it was
represented by seventy two individual municipalities and re-
mained at that number until 1966, when the state statutes re-
quired that the state be reapportioned to meet the one man,
one vote law.
The county was then divided into 37 districts with 37
members on the county board. The Town of Frankfort was in
district 22 which included Town of Frankfort, Hull and parts
of Abbotsford, Colby and Unity, with approximately 2500
people per district.
The first representative was John Ohlinger of the Town of
Hull elected for two year term, 1966-1968. The second
representative was Loddie Loskot, Town of Frankfort serving
three years.
After the 1970 caucus another reapportionment took place
changing the county board to 39 members placing Town of
Frankfort in District 17. This included Town of Frankfort,
Johnson, and Holton.
This district was represented by Loddie Loskot from
1971-1974. Then by Alfred Schmidt of Milan from 1974-1976.
Then again by Loddie Loskot from 1976-1981.
H. C. Eggebrecht
Republican Candidate for
of Marathon County
IH     V~b hi, PT,-   f M , M-,"o  C., %%W..
This oampagn poster was circulated In 1912 by
Henry C. EEgebraoht.
Copied on f4/75 from poster oo urtecy of
Loddie Loskot.        &e. s,,., Ph... up . Ws.

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