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Bell, Florence C. (Florence Colfax), 1899- / Farmer co-ops in Wisconsin

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    In addition to operations on th4
  Milwaukee market, Equity has main.
  tained a branch at Green Bay since
  1936. Here sales services, as well as
  up-to-the-minute market information,
  are available to livestock producers in
  the area. In September 1939, the
  Equity took over the operation of a
  local cooperative concentration yard
  at Lancaster, Wis.
    To enable members to obtain the
 best possible prices for their livestock
 and take advantage of changes in the
 market, Equity broadcasts its live-
 stock market over four radio stations
 located in Stevens Point, Janesville,
 Madison, and Green Bay.
 Equity Uses Many
 Educational Aids
   The terminal sales organization helps
 local cooperatives keep their members
 informed. It issues a monthly publi-
 cation, Equity Co-operative Livestock
 News; supplies speakers for annual
 meetings; furnishes motion pictures
 in color, showing the cooperative
 handling of livestock from farmer to
 market; and prepares and distributes
 extensive educational material such as
 press releases, pamphlets, and circular
 letters regarding Equity operations.
 Interested groups are taken on tours
 through the stockyards so that they
 may see the terminal market coopera-
 tive in action. From time to time
 educational radio talks on cooperative
 marketing are given. The legal serv-
 ices of the attorney employed by
 Equity are available to the locals.
 He assists in obtaining trucking per-
 mits, in collecting claims, and in any
 other legal problems of the local
associations. The Milwaukee office
renders active assistance to botl
established associations and to live
stock producers who are planning t(
form new organizations.
  Field men employed by Equity render
a variety of services to the locals
They do organizational work, handle
complaints, help to improve member.
Dividend checks paid out for the year 1937 lby
Equity Cooperative Livestock Sales Associa.
tion, Inc., at Milwaukee to its member
organizations. The payments represent sav-
ings in marketing costs for the farmer memn.
ship relations, write and distribute
circular letters for the membership,
prepare news items for local news-
papers, and speak at meetings.
  In its 1939 annual report, the asso-
ciation includes the following record of
notable achievements:
  1. Equity sold the largest number of live-
stock at Milwaukee-a total of over 425,000
head-a volume more than 9,000 higher thati
in 1938. This increase was shown in spite of
lower total receipts on the Milwaukee market.
  2. Equity had the highest percentage of
business (both truck and rail) on the Mil-
waukee market, a total of 36.2 percent of all
livestock arriving on the Milwaukee market--
the highest percentage of total business of any
sales agency operating on a terminal market
in the United tates.
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