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Bell, Florence C. (Florence Colfax), 1899- / Farmer co-ops in Wisconsin

Livestock continues on co-op route,   pp. 26-27 PDF (543.4 KB)

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  Pure Milk Produts Cooperative.-
The Pure Milk Products Cooperative
was organized in 1929 and until the
fall of 1940 maintained an office in
Madison. It fills a unique position in
that it is a cooperative bargaining
group representing producers who sell
to condenseries, and also more than
2,000 members whose milk is sold in
the Chicago market. In addition to
bargaining and marketing functions,
the organization maintains field service
which includes checking of weights and
butterfat tests, and a quality control
program which assists members in
meeting sanitary and health standards
required by the market receiving their
product. At the close of 1939, the
association reported that it was repre.
senting 4,000 producers.
  In order to extend its activities, the
Pure Milk Products Cooperative
adopted a program in August 1940 for
coordination of work with the Central
Grade "A" Cooperative, an organiza.
tion formed late in 1939 by a group ol
Wisconsin dairy cooperatives which
ship milk to the Chicago market.
Although each association will retain
its separate corporate identity, the
recent agreement provided that they
employ a joint manager and estab.
lish a consolidated office at Fond du
Lac. Thus the scope of cooperative
action has been unified and extended
by these two dairy cooperatives.
  An important function of both of
these cooperatives recently has been
to represent the interests of their
members in connection with the Fed-
eral milk marketing program in Chi.
Livestock Continues on Co-op Route
  Local cooperative livestock shipping
associations market many of Wiscon.
sin's hogs, cattle, calves, and sheep.
A large proportion of the sales is
Equity Cooperative Livestock Sales Association, Inc., ships feeding steers
from the western ranges.
These steers weere shipped direct to Appleton, Wis., in order to get the
steers as cheaply as pos.
sible to fa7ners udvo uunted quality livestock to feed. This is one of many
services Equity is
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