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Farm labor news

Farm labor news. September, 1945,   pp. [1]-6 PDF (2.0 MB)

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Issued Monthly by               --Extension Editors in Coope ration     
 September, 1945
                                  with the Farm Labor Staff -------
                             ,,  ---7;7  \atE~"
To All County Agents and Farm Labor Assistants:
         Far Labor Shortage Tightest in Years
    TU EI D 03' TIM WAR has not brought an end to labor
    problems on Wisconsin farms. On the contrary, the
pinch of a short labor force is bellig felt more keenly
now and is more wide-spread that at any other time during
the entire emergency period.
     Workers, released from industry by termination of
industrial contracts, have not filtered back into farm
jobs. Many counties are reporting that not only is labor
for special crops scarcer than ever before, but supplies
of general farm labor have reached an all-time low.
     Sauk county, in which Badgor Ordnance is located.,
reports that very few of the thousands released. have taken
farm jobs.
     It is true that a few workers previously omployad in
industry have sought farm employment. Their numbers, how-
ever, are more than off-sot by the movemont of farm mon
between 26.38 years of age, who had been deferred to agri_-
culture but who now have taken other positions.
     Tho current critical situation in seasonal crops is
expected to continue until the last week in September, but
should taper off as the corn pack is completed.
     The situation on general farms is expected to remain
tight the rest of the harvest season.
     The same situation is reported in nearby states,
although they may have reached the peak of their demand

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