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Farm labor news

Farm labor news. June, 1945,   pp. [1]-6 PDF (2.1 MB)

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a      a         a                  I   0N A
  IssueA Monthly      --by Extension Editors in Cooperation         June,
                           with the Farm Labor Staff_
   la& oA               L~nqAD ~Labmr kAngna~AnĀ±
                  2  .E DSX gA NOT A&ITEE J'W I LANAO SI.TUATION
     Just about one month ago victory in Germany was announced, but YE DAY
brought very little change to the farm labor picture either in the state
or the
nation.  If anything  it is more critical than in the past tio years.
     This year an unusually late season is reflected in small placements
to date,
In 1945 total placements are slightly over 3,500 as compared with 5,300 in.1944*
     May placements in 1945 are about 900 as against 1,350 the year before.
the 3,500 farm hands placed this year, about 1,000 are for seasonal work,
     An unpredictable season has mado.planning datas for the arrival of foroign
workers ver- difficult, but thus far this year all foreign workers 4aves
arriving at the timo they wore nocdled
     Localizod industrial cutbacks have roleased some of the labor pressure
fool processing in small areas. This has not in the least, howovor* alleviated
gonerml shortngo of farm workors.
     By Jully 1, it is estimated that there will be about 1950 Jnmaiorns
acd 1200
Mexicar Nationals engaged in farm work in the state.  There will Viso be
a tot-l
of 10,000 War Prisoners in Wisconsin ngriculturoe. Of these, 1,054 are for
agricultural work only.  Some of the remainder will spend a part ox' tnir
in agriculture, and a part in food processing.
                as~ PD1A zzry
     Arrangements have again boon made by which
Labor Assistants may use tbo radio facilities
of their local stations when an emergency call
for labor must be sent out.
     The Wx PrrrlMa WnnagQX of the station
will substitute the message for the rugular
Government message scheduled for thit day.
     This sorvice has been helpful in the past
not only to recruit emorgency workers, but to
inform then of bus routes and pick-up stops to
taike workers to jobs.

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