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Wright's directory of Jefferson County for 1905-6, comprising an alphabetically arranged list of business firms and private citizens; a classified list of all trades, professions and pursuits; a miscellaneous directory of city and county officers, schools, churches, banks, incorporated institutions, societies, etc. and a list of farmer's of Jefferson County

[Wright's Waterloo directory: G],   pp. 280c-280d PDF (536.7 KB)

Page 280c

                      VELIJWRE0 TO ANY PART OF THE CITY BY 
 YOUR QHU6fWEItw            ,z.┬░-".         o. 
                      208 SECOND STREET %    TELEPHONE 1612 
  FIE           WATERLOO] 280c [DIRECTORY├Ż         GLE 
  Fiebiger George J. physician, s. s. Madison 4 e. Monroe, h.  _____ 
  Fiebiger Lena, waitress Commercial Hotel. 
  Fischbach John J. shoes, s. s. Madison 2 w. Monroe, h. Polk. 
  Fischbach John J. Jr. shoemkr. h. Polk.                 ---- 
  Fischer Adolph (Fischer & Gorder) h. Madison. 
  Fischer Ernest, farmer, h. Madison. 
  Fischer Theresa (wid. John) h. s. end Jefferson.             - 
  Fischer & Gorder (Adolph Fischer, Albert Gorder) horse- 
    shoer, n. s. Madison w. Monroe. 
  Fitzgerald John, student, h. Monroe. 
  Fitzpatrick Francis, gen. contr. h. Pierce.f 
  Fitzpatrick Margaret, teacher, h. Pierce. 
  Flynn Mary, teacher, h. Boorman.                              t 
  Flynn Mary J. (wid. John M.) h. Boorman. 
  Flynn Thomas, h. Boorman.                                   0 
  Fox Albert, h. Mill. 
  Fox Emil (Fox & Zimbrich) h. Mill. 
  Fox Gustav, stock-buyer, h. Mill. 
  Fox John, carp. h. Mill. 
i Fox Otilda Miss, h. Mill. 
  Fox Phillip, h. Mill.                                    -L 
  Fox & Zimbrich (Emil Fox, Jay Zimbrich) meat-mkt. s. s. Mad-  = P 
    ison n. Monroe.                                        W, 
    Frantz William, tmstr. h. Madison.                           - 
    Frey George, barber, h. Madison.                               P 
    Frick Herman, mason, h. Monroe. 
Friedel John, section foreman, h. Madison.                       3 
   GALLITZ Anton, h. Jackson.                                2C 
   Gallup Ella, student, h. Madison. 
   Gallup Mabel, student, h. Madison.                          a 
   Geise Gustav, tmstr. h. Mill.                             a . 
   Ghastin Sidney, painter, h. Pierce. 
   Gibson Adeline R. (wid. James M.) h. Harrison. 
   Gibson Ida H. Miss, h. Harrison. 
   Giles Leslie A. mason, h. nr. Cath. cemetery.             -- 
)  Gingles Loren H. confectr. s. s. Madison 4 w. Monroe, h. same.  -M 
;  Glembo Frank, del-elk. Aug. Hoffman, h. Jackson. 
   Glembo Julius, lab. h. Pierce.                          z -. 
   W. 0 SPROESSER 00213 MAIN ST                    W 
                       .P..6 8  *Watertown, Wis. 

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