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Wright's directory of Jefferson County for 1905-6, comprising an alphabetically arranged list of business firms and private citizens; a classified list of all trades, professions and pursuits; a miscellaneous directory of city and county officers, schools, churches, banks, incorporated institutions, societies, etc. and a list of farmer's of Jefferson County

[Wright's Lake Mills directory: P],   p. 269 PDF (262.2 KB)

Page 269

         D      ER   ~FOR PURITY OF W    .1IR         I' 
           .soAR        FLAVOR      WM        A.I           " 
                     NOTHING EXCELS BOTTLE BEER 
>      PAN         LAKE MILLS] 269 [DIRECTORY          PUN 
                                P                            (-5. 
-)     PANZER Charles W. photog. w. s. Main 12 n. Lake, h. same.  -- 
     Pardise Emma, domestic Mulberry.                          In 
  zw Pardise Otto, lab. Mulberry. 
< 0-   Parsons Foster E. asst. editor Lake Mills Leader, h. Wash- O 
0       ington.                                              9  
  <   Pautsch Charles, h. Fargo av.                          0Ml 
      Peacore William J. packer, h. Fargo av.                  0 
  Pease Edward, com-trav. h. Main.                           so 
      Penn Kenneth, student, h. Reed.                        w_ 
                    1:1   XX-11-                              t 
        ezr vvauu rj. supt. - argo Co. n. need.                   i 
        Penn William R. Jr. h. Reed. 
        Perkins Frederick, h. Washington. 
        Perkins John H. printer, h. Washington.                     0 
  m   Perrigo Alice Miss, h. N. Main.                             C 
      Perrigo Ida (wid. Harlow) h. N. Main.                      X 
 t!Y  Perrigo Maud, teacher, h. N. Main. 
 ma    Perrigo Nellie, teacher, h. N. Main.                     'A 
      ) Perry Edward L. mach. h. N. Main.                         o 
      Perwitz Ferdinand, mach. h. Main. 
   "   Perwitz Otto, carp. h. Main.                            -g 
      Petreschke Herman, mason, h. Lake.                        0 
Mal   Phillips Mary E. (wid. Charles) h. Main. 
   _  Phillips William P. h. Main. 
 E   P istorius Gustav, lab. h. North. 
   E r Pohlmann Charles W. ret. farmer, h. Fremont. 
 Me   Pohlmann Louisa Miss, h. Fremont. 
 *) ý. Pope Alta Miss, phone-opr. h. Madison. 
      Pope Cornelius S. bus driver, h. Madison. 
   Porter Hattie, elk. h. Washington. 
      Porter Jane (wid. Philander) h. Washington. 
      Porter Willis, miller, h. Madison. 
      Priegnitz Anna, clk. h. Oak. 
 o      riegnitz Christian, gen. mdse. Main cor. Lake, h. Oak. 
   PPriegnitz Hattie Miss, h. Oak. 
      Priegnitz Irene Miss, h. Oak. 
 * y Priegnitz Otto, h. Oak. 
,    Priegnitz William, elk. h. Oak. 
(U), Priegnitz William F. lab. h. N. Main. 
      Punzel Charles F. Rev. h. Main. 
      Your Business in CLOTHING and FURNISHING GOODS is wanted at 
          107 MAINSTREET,   RE RHT. OUR PRICIES ..  ,Tu  *  WTREWWS 

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