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Wright's directory of Jefferson County for 1905-6, comprising an alphabetically arranged list of business firms and private citizens; a classified list of all trades, professions and pursuits; a miscellaneous directory of city and county officers, schools, churches, banks, incorporated institutions, societies, etc. and a list of farmer's of Jefferson County

[Wright's Lake Mills directory: M],   pp. 267-268 PDF (521.4 KB)

Page 267

                           VEUVEMED TO ANY PART or THE ciTY sy 
                    MWENZEL PROCHAZKA 
     208 SECOND STREET                      %4    TELEPIIOE 1612 
     LUE           LAKE MILLS] 267 [DIRECTORY           MILT 
   Lueck Minnie, domestic, h. Lake Shore Drive. 
      Luedke Emma, domestic Mulberry. 
   g  Luethi Alexander, tailor, s. s. Lake, 7 e. of Main, h. Oak. 
      Lusk Alice Miss, student, h. Church. 
      Lusk Caroline Miss, h. Washington.                      __-- 
      Lusk Delos, carp. h. Church. 
      Lusk Lillie Miss, h. Washington. 
      Lusk Mary Miss, h. Washington. 
      LustedAlvina Mrs. h. Madison. 
      Lusted George, patternmkr. h. Fremont. 
      Lusted Samuel, lab. h. Madison. 
      Lutz Higgen, blksmith, h. Washington. 
      MAASCH Frank, woodwkr. h. Washington.                   > M 
      Manning Sarah (wid. Ozias) h. N. Main.                  C) 
      Mansfield Frank P. electr. h. N. Main.                 rn 
       Manske Herman, h. Grant. 
       Mason Byron, blksmith, h. Franklin. 
       Markward John G. h. Prospect. 
   Marten Carl, painter, h. College. 
   Marten Clemence, del-elk. h. College.                      -W 
       Marten Gertrude Miss, h. College. 
I      Marten William, harnessmkr, h. College .. 
       Masters Harriet J. (wid. Emias) h. Main.                 r- 
 im    McDonald Elizabeth (wid. Wm.) h. College.                C= 
   Z" McGowen Frank, saloon, h. Oak. 
       Megowan Ethel Miss, milliner, n. s. Main 15 n. Lake, h. Lake 
   p    Shore Drive nr. College. 
 ____ Megowan Vertner J. foreman, h. Lake Shore Drive nr. College.   - 
       Mehren William, cigarmkr. h. Lake. 
   (A  Mengshol Josephine, domestic, h. Lake.                 En 
L     Menth Bertha, domestic, h. College.                      C j 
       Menz Ida, domestic Main. 
LU J   Metzker William, lab. h. Oak.                          sit 
   X   Meyers Will F. printer, Lake cor. Main, h. Fremont. 
   L.  Michaelis Edward, mach. b. North. 
 "     Millard Charles J. h. Main. 
       Millard Elizabeth (wid. Peter) h. Oak.                      X 
Le,)   Millard Frank, mach. h. Rock Lake Hotel.                      - 
   ,   Millard George W. h. Washington.                         9.- 
. i.,. Miller Jane (wid. Joseph) h. Main. 
      W. 0. SPROESSER GO. w              ,213 MAIN ST.JEWLE 

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