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Wright's directory of Jefferson County for 1905-6, comprising an alphabetically arranged list of business firms and private citizens; a classified list of all trades, professions and pursuits; a miscellaneous directory of city and county officers, schools, churches, banks, incorporated institutions, societies, etc. and a list of farmer's of Jefferson County

[Wright's Lake Mills directory: H],   pp. 262-264 PDF (819.4 KB)

Page 262

                              GAVA   DPIPE, ENCINE 
                     0I8AND BOILER TRIMMINGS 
                .              206- # .Wa~srS1. '44- Wateton, is, 
  .   HAC          LAKE MILLS] 262 [DIRECTORY        HEL 
   I  HACKETT Arthur, mach. h. Madison. 
      Hackett Harry, phone-opr. h. Madison.                      t 
   Hague Cecilia Miss, h. Prospect. 
   -  Hague Frank, student, h. Prospect. 
   Hague Sophia, dressmkr. h. Prospect. 
   Hague George, mach. h. Prospect. 
      Hahn Carl, lab. h. Fremont. 
  Hahn Emma B. teacher, h. College. 
      Hahn Helena, domestic Main.                                   n 
   Hahn Herman, lab. h. Fremont. 
      Hahn John A. Rev. h. College. 
      Hahn Minnie, domestic, h. Lake. 
SHahn Theo. H. grocer, s. s. Lake 13 e. Main, h. Water. 
      Halverson Burt, mach-hd. h. Main.                           2 
      Halverson Ida Miss, h. Main.                                 2 
      Halverson Nels, mach. h. Main. 
      Hansen J. Peter (Hansen & Hildebrandt) h. Faville Grove rd. 
     Hansen & Hildebrandt (J. Peter Hansen, Charles H. Hilde- 
        brandt) furniture, s. s. Lake 12 e. Main.                0 
      Harbeck Bessie Miss, h. Madison.                           © 
      Harbeck John, corn-tray. h. Madison. 
   *  Harrison Charles A. confectr. s. s. Lake 6 e. of Main, h. Main.  we
      Harsh Carrie (wid. Jacob) h. Madison. 
      Harsh Walter, lab. h. College.                         co 
      Hartwig Ida, domestic Franklin. 
      Harvey Mary Jane Miss, h. Madison.                   .  
      Haseleu Otto, tmstr. h. Lake Park pl.                  '7 
      Hawkins Edwin, student, h. Fremont. 
      U1 -n1- 0la-n - -T n  , - 1ý '10 - + 
      Hawkins Herbert, student, h. Fremont. 
 Z1 l- Hebbard Agnes Miss, teacher, h. College.                     a 
   C  Heimstreet Charles S. druggist, w. s. Main 2 s. Lake, h. Main. T 
'I j  Hein Fred Mrs. h. Franklin. 
160   Hein Josephine Miss, h. Franklin.                      r- 
  Z   Heitz Adolph, woodwkr. h. Grant. 
  c . Heitz Leonard, mach. h. Franklin.                       -0 
  C 1 Heitz William, engnr. h. Washington.                              =
  Hell Gustav, woodwkr. h. Washington.                     0 CO 
      Heller Frank, hostler A. W. Wodke, h. Lake. 
   u  Heller Fred, lab. h. Water. 
                     2x7 Main St   xo6 3rd St. 

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