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Wright's directory of Jefferson County for 1905-6, comprising an alphabetically arranged list of business firms and private citizens; a classified list of all trades, professions and pursuits; a miscellaneous directory of city and county officers, schools, churches, banks, incorporated institutions, societies, etc. and a list of farmer's of Jefferson County

[Wright's Fort Atkinson directory: W],   pp. 203-206 PDF (1.1 MB)

Page 203

     WM. HATI                       W     & MALTSTER 
                                WATERTOWN, WIS. 
     WAG        Ft. ATKINSON] 203 [DIRECTORY.        WEL 
     WAGNER Bertha clk res 6 Elm 
          Wagner Carl res 6 Elm 
-w   Wagner Millie dressmkr res 6 Elm 
  W aite Myrtie B Mrs clk 45 S Main res 62 Foster 
     Walker Frank woodwkr res 56 Grant 
 ~~ 0Walker Henry painter res 55 Roberts 
     Walton Joseph res 11 Jones 
LL   Walaska Joseph carp res 34 S 6th w 
  -. Wandscheider Anna (wid John H) res 36 Madison av 
     Wandschneider Carl S (Landgraf & Wandschneider) res 8 E 
N ýI    Milwaukee av 
     Wandsehneider Fred foreman wagon painter N W Mnfg Co . 
     LS res 42 Germany 
     Wandschneider Fred A blksmith res 8 E Milwaukee av 
     Wandschneider John res 8 E Milwaukee av 
     Wandseheider Karl J mrach res 63 Roberts 
     Wandschneider Maurice student res 42 Germany          Cm 
     Ward Alice Miss res 67 Maple                          M- 
     Ward Blanche I Miss res 51 Maple                         = 
     Ward Hattie teacher res 64 Adams                      "n 
     Ward John res 51 Maple 
 Ward Mary (wid Hiram) res 64 Adams                             
 C) Ward Rose Miss res 67 Maple                              r" 
 --  Ward Stephen res 67 Maple                                  3 
 () Waugh George res E Milwaukee av                       > n 
 WEBB ARTHUR M lawyer, notary, insurance and collec- 
 tions 7 N Main res Hotel Snover                              M 
     Webb Bessie Miss res 91 S Main                         %WC 
 Webb Loren G res 91 S Main                                   X 
     Webb Mabel N elk 415 Main res 91 S Main 
     Webb Paul A elk 41 S Main res 91 S Main                  0 
     Weber Frank lab res 57 Milwaukee av w 
     Weber Gottlieb mason res 96 S High                   2 M 
     Weber John woodwkr res 57 Milwaukee av                     = 
     Weber Mary teacher res 10 South                            C 
   - Weber MattieMiss res 96 S High 
   - Webley Harry painter res 55 Jefferson 
co   Wegner Henry lab res 152 N High ';                     C= 
  c  Wegner William C molder res 23 Barrie                0  = 
-*   Weiseman W F horseman res New Home Hotel                 z 
Weiss Margaret Miss res 29 Jackson                         P m 
1    Weiss Nicholas J baggageman res 29 Jackson              - 
j" Welcher Frank lab res 56 Mechanic                        C011 
                                Ifit,, a SUIT ORt OVERCOAT you want 
                                picking* of the bost guaranteed clothing
      [ER1EL     H OFFIANH       ---" where.,. you .o._._ _ ean ae-e,
fro theohe..,. ....._e_ 
                                manufaOturers of the United States at 
                       INII 107 MAIN STREKET. WATERTOWN, WJIS. 

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