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Wright's directory of Jefferson County for 1905-6, comprising an alphabetically arranged list of business firms and private citizens; a classified list of all trades, professions and pursuits; a miscellaneous directory of city and county officers, schools, churches, banks, incorporated institutions, societies, etc. and a list of farmer's of Jefferson County

[Wright's Fort Atkinson directory: B],   pp. 164-168 PDF (1.4 MB)

Page 164

                          &    ALVANIZEDPIPE9 ENGINE 
                              200-206 K. Water St, "4 4-1 Watertown,
   0     0ASP    FT. ATKINSON) 164 [DIRECTORY.       BEC_- 
     Aspinwall Clarence H teller First N'at Bnk res 22 S 4th av 
     Aspinwall Lettie comp res ss Main ½ m s of limits         W 
   q Aspinwall Lynn elk 20 S Main res S Main Y2 m s ot limits 
   i Aspinwall Mark R real estate 25 E Sherman res same 
     Aspinwall Solomon mach opr res 9:3 N Main 
   ' Aspinwall Wave student res 25 E Sherman av 
S      ACHMANN ANNA (wid Joseph F) res 30 E Milwaukee av E- 
  |      Backus Joseph elk res 20 W httewater av 
  *  Backus Leo blksmith res Whitewater av 
     Backus Souis W (Backus & Wendland) res 20 Whitewater av 
   * Backus & Wendland (Louis W Backus Herman Wendland) 1 
~       blksmiths 11 S Water                                  m 
     Bacon Charles wheelmkr res 21 Milwaukee av w 
     Bacon Eugene woodwkr res 55 Mechanic                8(1) 
     Bailey James G ins agt res 49 Merchants av            C) 
     Ballard George E res 71 Washington                          : 
~ Ballatd Nica E elk res 71 Washington                    2 
     Banks Sarah F Mrs res 56 Merchants av 
     Barney George B mach hd res 35 Whitewater av 
     Barney Jennie (wid George) res 52 Janesville av 
     Barrett Wilson mach res 64 Mechanic 
     Barrie Ada Miss res 57 N Main 
     Barrie Margaret (wid Robert J) res 57 N Main 
   0 Barrie Marion Miss res 57 N Main 
E    B artelt Ella Miss res 57 Washington                    = 
     -Rartelt Emma dressmkr res 57 Washington                  e 
     Bartelt Julius wagonmkr res 57 Washington 
     Bartelt Minnie (wid Fred) res 57 Washington 
   * Barth Caroline (wid Ferdinand) res 42 E Sherman av 
     Barth Nettie Miss res 42 E Sherman av 
     Baumgarten Henry farmer res 62 Whitewater av 
     Baumgartner Minnie (wid John) res 45 Jefferson 
 V0w Bax Gustave painter res 61 Edward 
   Y Bax Matilda waitress Park Hotel                          g 
o ~. Beach Carrie Miss res 63 Grove 
     Beach Edward J janitor res 3a Milwaukee av w                 U 
     Beach Jessie music teacher res 32 Milwaukee av w 
r i -J Beach Mae stenog res 63 Grove 
Z  uj Beach William L com tray res 63 Grove 
   a Beals Homer A engineer Hoard's Dairyman res 2 Walton 
   = Becker Arthur E elk 6 S Main res 24 W Sherman av       -4 
y,= a Becker Carl A dry goods 4-6 S Main res 24 Madison av 
  M.4 Becker Floyd student res 26 W Sherman av 
                                FUR COATS 
                                217 Main St.   I06 3rd St. 
     WEGEMANN         W[8[WATERTOWN, WIs. 

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