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Wright's directory of Jefferson County for 1905-6, comprising an alphabetically arranged list of business firms and private citizens; a classified list of all trades, professions and pursuits; a miscellaneous directory of city and county officers, schools, churches, banks, incorporated institutions, societies, etc. and a list of farmer's of Jefferson County

[Wright's Watertown directory: Q],   p. 112 PDF (309.8 KB)

Page 112

                     I#E~ IIIflCOLLECTS ACCOUNTS AND DOES A 
                  _f W I[ I     -   .REAL , ESTATE   ...o 
                             WATERTOWN, WISCONSIN 
   - PRO         WATERTOWN] 112 [DIRECTORY.         RAD_ 
C    Prochnow Emma Miss res 1147 River          - 
     Prochnow Herman engnr Dornfeld-Kunert Co res 1147 River-t-L 
     PRUSSIAN NATIONAL INS CO of Stettin :Germany 
        H J Strauss agt 106 2nd (See back cover) 
     Pugh Davin E res 117 Main 
L   QUENTMEYER Albert res 419 Washington 
         QUENTMEYER PHILIP         C v-1i(s Ile GloEe Mill- 
LU         ing Cores 305 Washington 
I    Quentmeyer William F res 300 Church 
N    Quentmeyer William Pres 305 Washington                 _ 
     Quirk Bridget (wid Michael) res 1155 River 
     Quirk Hannah Miss res 414 W Main' 
   = Quirk John cond C & N WRy res 414 W Main            r- 
     Quis Ernst prop Windsor Hotel res same 
   RAABE Augusta dressmkr 1419 Nashotah res same 
   ---.  Raabe Emil lab res 1411 Nashotah 
M"   Raabe William mason res 1411 Nashotah 
   M Raasch Ernst blksmith res 1040 N 4th 
    Raasch Henrietta (wid John) res 216 3d 
    Raasch Julius blacksmith 1034 N 4th res 1040 N 4th 
   LU Raasch William carp res 209 Market 
,    Rabenkorst Gottlieb res109 N 10th 
     Rabenhorst Herman (Goetsch & Rabenhorst) res 109 N 10th 
    Racek && Son (Edward and Edward H Racek) gen mdse 111 
2       Main 
     RACEK EDWARD (E Racek & Son) dealer in crushed            p 
S       stone and cement sidewalk contr 1st n w cor Milwaukee 1 
        res 214 Washiugton 
     Racek Edward H (E Racek & Son) res 214 Washington 
     Racek Harold Tclk 111 Main res 214 Washington 
     Racek Helen G elk 111 Main res 314 Washington 
:    Radell Herman elk res 206 N Washington                   0 
  nmJ Radike Clara Miss res 894 Richards av              SL o 
__-- Radike Frank lab res 894 Richards av 
     Radike Martha teacher res 894 Richards av 
     Radke August tmstr res 318 Water 
LU   Radke Edward lab res 106 Fremont 
     Radke Emma laundress res 510 7th                      0 o 
Radke William mason res 106 Fremont                          M 

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