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Redington, Edward S. / Wis Mss EQ, Folder 1

[Transcribed letter from Edward Redington to his wife, Mary: Little Rock, Arkansas, September 19, 1863],   pp. 192-197

Page 192

Little Rock, Ark. Sept. 19, 1863.
Dear Mary:
After a fatiguing days duty, I sit down to write once
again, and the first thing in order will be to answer your last
letter. You seem to have been in rather low spirits when you
wrote, and in consequence your communications are on the blue
order. Now I do not wonder, that the task you have to perform,
should often assume huge proportions to your mind. Indeed the
responsibilities you have are more than any woman ought to be
placed under, and that you should sometimes feel discouraged, I
do not wonder. That you get along as well as you seem to, is
assurance to me that you are capable of managing in a way and
manner very few women are.   When you say you sometime feel that
you were unequal to the task, is still another proof of your
fitness, for I have always more hopes of a person succeeding in
anything they undertake when they are not disposed to overrate
their own abilities. How I would like to share your labors and
burdens with you, but I will not let my mind dwell on the theme.
John Grant and Jimmie Jessup joined us today. I expected
a letter by them, but didn't see it. Jimmie says you told him,
you would not send me anything more until I came home. I am
afraid I shall have to go without some time unless I supply my-
self with some here.
Sunday morning. 9/20/63.
I closed rather abruptly last night. It has been so cold
- 192 -

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