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Dinsdale, Matthew / Matthew Dinsdale papers, 1836-1897: Folder 3

Downieville Fork[?] of the North Yuba California / November 7th 1851 PDF (4.8 MB)

   Nown__ville ______ of the North _____ California
My Dear Mother/
 Th___ date my letter from Down________
and about 6 miles north east of ____ place, within a mile of where __ was
all last autumn. And about five miles from our last ___________________
Dow___ville is the business place to ___ for this region and as you may see
of it in the papers you will know that I belong there as ________ from it.
I have not writ to you since last June and that was in answer to a letter
received that month dated in february. For some weeks past I have been
looking for letter from you in answer to mine sent the early part of last
___________________ in the mines ______________________ with the three _________
I spent lst winter with. As I informed you in my last we have been planning
___________ and have made out quite as well as the average at the _________
in ______. We quit the rever about a month ago, and are now ___________ on
a bank.
We have taken in tow _____, and are now six in company. _______________________
we made but little last ____ and ____ so far we have taken out about __________
a day to the ____________________. Our own labor have had from one to _____
men hired. We have paid 28 to 34 a day per _____, at present wages are only
_____ a day.
I fancy I can now see an opening in the not very distant future _______________
I can _________ and with some satisfaction escape from present circumstances.
I wish
to spend my _________ in the contry ____ is absolutely no __________________
_______ life somewhat comfortable. _____ I am not for. I have already
told you I would like to leave next summer. This is all I can still say
____________________ about quartz mining as it has begun to be developed
_____________________ all miners are now turning their attention this way
at present
In this region some valuabel discoveries have within the last two or three
been made in quartz veins, a few days ago ____ the four of us bought an interest
in one fo the late discoveries. There are twenty shares. _________________
taken to purchase
as steam engine for crushing ___ and in a short time we ____________________
I have about given up all thoughts of going into ________. There ought to
be at
least two or three together and I find it necessary to be very particular
wrote a _______ wishes me to _____ him. I answer there were at least tow
obstacles. I told him I could neither sell ________ nor trade on Sunday,
and in the mines both are done by almost every one engaged in business. A
weeks ago he _____ his offer, but said that the place was not ________________
I led him when he was ready to report I would listen to him, but that ____
_________________________ Said he I remember what you told me
last year. what the ________ will be I knot not.
Saturday 8th Nov. It is ____________________ rainy season has set in. _______________
gentle showers, with just now dull cloudy weather. ______________ has been
raining about ____
__________________ yesterday a little fell all ________ during the day and
last night we had one or two small showers. A week ago we had one cloudy
afternoon with a few drops. The early past of September _______ had two or
three pleasant rainy days. The rest of the season has been remarkably pleasant.
Clear, brilliant, glorious days. The atmosphere is very pure and ______________
with scarcely ever a cloud on the azure surface fo the heavens. ___ perhaps
impossible to be in a more delightful climate then during the autumn. Summer
is a little too warm and winter a little too wet for comfort. But where on
shall we find every thing all the time as we woudl wish? Think of six months
________ with hardlya days exception?
________ For one week we have had ______ pleasant weather, this so far has
been a day of rain/now almost noon/ I have been reading Dr. _______ Connsels
to young men;
and just ___thought me I would commune for a few moments with my dear far
friends. I cannont but reflect on our different circumstances. You with all
_____________ of home, and advantages of long established _______. Where
I am
struggling against obstacels ____ to a new country, am that ____ California.
have now left this part for the fourth or home and there are but few persons
us at present. our religions privilges are of that kind, mostly for which
we are
indebted ot ourselves. Personal intercourse with God direct or thro' his
word. I have
now by me the first Bible I bought. This was when I lived in Richmond.

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