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Dinsdale, Matthew / Papers, 1836-1897
Call Number, Wis MSS DL, folder 3 ([unpublished])

North Yuba California 8 June 1851 PDF (3.1 MB)

  North Yuba California 8 June 1851
My Dear Mother Brother + sister/
 Evening has already thrown her mantle
over the heavens at the close of a lovely day in this delightful month as
sit down to tell you that I have just received and read the first letter
a relative since my arrival in this State. I feel a satisfaction that
words can not express to know that probably you three are still living on
earth. This is at present the pervading feeling of my heart. i rejoice that
you are
still as I have been hoping to hear you are-together, comfortable, in health,
and looking towards another and better country. The letter was handed to
me I
saw at once it was from home-an instant I _____, what are its contents?
I broke the seal and frist saw the hand writing of my Mother and instantly
Edwards, Elizabeths, and Uncle Barrets, I could then breathe freely, and
said to my
self and felt "I am not alone in the world." June 10th.
When you
received ______
a letter from me, in writing again to me I wish you would be particular in
stateing its
date the place where it was written or some circumstance by which I may identify
The letters from you that I received day before yesterday are dated in ____
last and are
I judged in answer to one I sent by Dr. nelson to be mailed at St. Louis.
Since then
I have written to you more at length, and if no accident befell the letter
you have received
it some time ago. I forwarded it to New York by a gentleman who was leaving
here for his
home in Wisconsin. I enclosed small specimens of "dust,"
one for
each of you. Do I
not love you all? God knows I would gladly share my last mite with you. And
my happiness would be increased if I could contribute anything to yours.
While this
heart beats it will feel for you, and while this right hand retains any power
it will be
ready to labor for you. I am about ready to say with on of old it is enough
you live and
the hope of seeing you agins on earth retains some strength. It is possible
that I may
____ every storm, escape every danger adn see Askrigg once more, that is
if my mother
should live two or three years longer; for unless you do I shall probably
visit england.
Since the date of my last letter (December I think) I have enjoyed good health.
On the 11th
March, I left our winter home to opperate higher up on the stream during
the summer. I
have an interst in a claim I owned last year, and if my health continues
it is likely I
shall be where I was last summer you see I don not ramble about much. There
are five
of us in company our plan is to ______ the River and ____ the water over
head. We can work
something over two hundred feet at one setting as that is the length of the
floom and shall probably
be able to set it three times. It has been a work of great labor and expense
the stream
is very rapid and rocky and in one place we have a perpendicular fall of
almost thirty
feet. The floom is a veyr good one mad of 1 1/2 inch _______ anf after three
months labor and
several hundred dollars ______ answers the _____ admirably as the bed of
the river is
almost dry. For the deep _________________________ a chain pump turned by
a water wheel.
This is the most costly but the only ____ way to work a larger stream; much
has to be ventured
and little may be obtained, we hope however to take out something and the
is not unfavorable. During the winter months the weather was mostly very
with but little snow storm and the most rain this season have come come since
I have been
here, at a time when as we have been given to understand the rainy season
be closing. This afternoon we have had several showers. There is but little
in this country, tho we hear it sometimes. You will be satisfied the weather
is not much
to be dreaded when I tell you I have lived in my tent since the 11th of last
and have not suffered in any way from either cold or storm. One of my partners

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